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- Home Invasion - Terrorist Killing - Hate Crime ! -


Trill S. McKinney - Age 30


- Plain Dealing, LA: Black Male Kills White Woman

Total National Media Blackout ! -


The Killer - Trill S. McKinney

On Wednesday, December 14, 2005, in Plain Dealing, Louisiana, a small town of about 1,100 people, which is located about 20 miles due north of Shreveport, Louisiana, Trill S. McKinney, 30, murdered Betty Jean Sweet, 61, in cold blood. He has confessed to police that he killed her. McKinney broke into Betty Jean's home on this Wednesday morning with the intent of robbing her. When she started screaming, he put the shotgun he had brought with him up to her chest and pulled the trigger. McKinney knew Betty Jean since he had done some work at her house a couple of years earlier. In addition, he didn't live too far away from her. But, police say, that this was the extent of their relationship. Mrs. Sweet lived in a remote area of Plain Dealing and therefore no one heard the shot.


Deputies found Betty Jean Sweet dead in her home on Sunday with at least one gunshot wound to the chest. Her co-workers alerted the sheriff’s office after they couldn’t reach her by phone and no one answered her door. Betty Jean worked as a medical assistant in Vivian, LA, a small town about 16 miles due west of Plain Dealing, close on the Texas border.


McKinney, who has a criminal history that includes burglary and drug charges, was released from jail just 10 weeks before Betty Jean Sweet’s murder. He is being held in the Bossier Parish jail with bond pending. Trill S. McKinney, 30, of the 100 block of Watson Road also faces charges of armed robbery, aggravated burglary and being a felon in possession of a firearm, said Ed Baswell, public information officer for the Bossier Parish sheriff’s office.



- Killed in Her Own  Home by a Terrorist -



Betty Jean Sweet - Age 61



The Victim - Betty Jean Sweet

We don't know very much about Betty Jean Sweet, because there hasn't been much local reporting, and, of course, no national news media coverage about this terrorist "hate crime" committed by a Black male against a White woman. We have learned that she lived alone in a remote area of town and did not have many relatives. She worked as a medical assistant in the town of Vivian, LA, which is about 16 miles due west of Plain Dealing, and close to the Texas border.





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Unfortunately, the prediction that I made in my report on Damon Womble has already come true. Another trusting, unsuspecting and single, White person has been killed in the far western reaches of the Bible Belt, by a Black male. The small town of Plain Dealing, Louisiana is located in the far northwest corner of Louisiana, just 17 miles from the Texas border and only 70 miles from Kilgore, Texas, as the crow flies, where five White people were executed in 1983 by two Black males. Plain Dealing is about 530 miles southeast of Wichita, Kansas.


The murder of Betty Jean Sweet happened the day after the murder of Damon Womble of Clinton, Missouri. The circumstances were very similar. Both were home alone and both were victims of a home invasion and attempted robbery - both incidents ended in murder. Both of the victims were single and lived alone. Both of them were also murdered by Black males. In writing the description of the crime above, all I had to do was change the names of the victims, the perpetrators and the place names.


One of the differences between Clinton, Missouri and Plain Dealing, Louisiana is that there is a higher percentage of Blacks in Plain Dealing, which, with its population of 1,100 people, is 55.28% White and 42.67% Black. And in Bossier Parish, which has a population of 98,300, the population is 74.55% White and 20.82% Black. One would think that the Black and White races would have learned to have mutual respect for one another, since there is about an equal number of both races in Plain Dealing - but this is evidently not the case.


As I wrote in my last report on Damon Womble, a pattern has been developing in which single, trusting, unsuspecting White people in the western reaches of the Bible Belt are being attacked by Black males and murdered. We issued an alert for that region, but, Betty Jean Sweet had already been murdered by the time I had finished writing that report.


Just as in the Damon Womble, Eric Mansfield, and Robert Osborn cases, Betty Jean Sweet was selected for this crime. Bossier Parish Police Department spokesman, Lieutenant Ed Baswell, stated: "She probably was picked because she was elderly, because she lived alone, [and] because she lived in a remote area of the parish." What he left out is this: Betty Jean Sweet was selected for this home invasion, attempted robbery and subsequent murder, because she was a "White" woman, and she was known to have a good job and therefore to have money. This is another case of a "hate crime" and an act of "domestic terrorism" committed by a Black male against a White person.


It is because of the number and nature of crimes like these, that we have been forced to issue an alert to all people, and especially White people, in this area. The result of crimes like these is that the law-abiding citizens of this area are now living in fear and terror, because they don't know who will be next. And even though Trill McKinney will no longer be able to conduct this terror, there is an endless supply of young Black males, who are capable of doing the very same thing. If this isn't terrorism, then what is?


It is very instructive to note that the prosecutor of Bossier Parish is charging Trill McKinney with first degree murder, which is, of course, the correct charge. As I stated in my report on Damon Womble, murder committed in the course of a robbery or robbery attempt constitutes murder in the first degree. By contrast, the prosecutor of Benton County, Missouri, has only charged Joshua Rudolph with second-degree murder. Again, we urge you to contact the prosecutor's office and ask that Richard M. Shields, the prosecutor of Benton County, explain this charge. It should also be noted that the State of Louisiana has capital punishment and the murderer of Betty Jean Sweet is deserving of that punishment.


At this time, we would like to reinforce the alert which we posted on December 21, 2005. But now, we would like to extend the area of this alert into the western part of the states of Louisiana and Arkansas. To refresh then, the alert covers the states of Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, the north-eastern part of Texas, and the western parts of Louisiana and Arkansas. We would like to advise the people who live in this area, and especially the White population, to keep their doors locked; make sure that the locks on your doors and windows function, and do not open your door to any strangers. It is unfortunate that we have to live under such conditions, but we must do what is necessary to ensure our survival.


Yours Faithfully, Liberty

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