Forgotten Victims

Crime Victims Forgotten By the News Media

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Murder Victims You Probably Have Not Heard About !

Heather Muller

Christy Sanford

Catherine Elizabeth Woods

Jason Befort

Lindsey Bonistall


Tonya Dover Smith

Tonya Smith

Ronique Ewing


Jennifer Ross

Will Someone

 You Know Be



Betty Jean Sweet


Aaron Sander

Ryan Smith

Ryon Smith

Will Someone

 You Know Be

 Here Next



Eric Mansfield

Damon Womble

Damon Womble



Who Will

 Be the



Morgan Young

Kris Carlyle

Robert Osborn

Brad Heyka



Kathryn Harvey

Stella Harvey

Kathryn & Bryan

Ruby Harvey

Bryan Harvey


David Rosenbaum

Will Someone

 You Know Be

 Here Next Year?

Mary & Percyell Tucker

Carol Newby

Stephen Holmes



Samantha Zenszer

Violet McCall

Holly Michael & Son Averey

Nigel Marcotte

George L. Wallace


Sister Karen Klimczak

Will Someone

 You Know

 Be Here

Next Month?

Ann Walenta

Stephanie Hummer

Yoshie Sato


Ronald Stem

Lauren Redman

Mary Nagle (with husband)




Know Be

Here In




Brian Jackson


Raechale Elton

Imette St. Guillen

Police Officer Scott Severns

Emily Ann Clemons

Concetta Russo-Carriero


Elizabeth Butler

Ashley Turner

Lori & Adrian Rountree

Jason Befort

Lindsey Bonistall


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