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- Hispanic Ex-Boyfriend is Main Suspect -


Catherine Elizabeth Woods

Age 21

Ex-Boyfriend Eyed

Hispanic Suspect

Paul Vincent Cortez

Age 25


- Paul Cortez Told Not to Leave New York City -


- High-Risk Romance Ends In Tragedy ? ! -


- Did Cortez Kill Her In a Jealous Rage ? -


- Her Parents Should Have Warned Her ! -


Catherine Elizabeth Woods at a Ballet Performance




Mid-Western Dancer is Brutally Slain in New York City by Hispanic Male


Catherine Elizabeth Woods, 21, was brutally murdered on Sunday, November 27, 2005, in her New York City, Upper East Side apartment, located at 355 East 86th Street, near York Avenue, at about 6:30 pm. Her body was discovered by her long-time, live-in companion, David Haughn, 23, who Cathy was friends with in their home town, a suburb of Columbus, Ohio - they had been close friends for more than four years. Catherine is the oldest daughter of the director of the nationally renowned, Ohio State University Marching Band, Dr. Jon Woods.


Catherine was a very talented, classically-trained dancer and hoped to dance on Broadway. The main suspect is an ex-boyfriend, Paul Vincent Cortez, 25, who is a personal trainer and yoga instructor at the upscale Equinox Club at Third Avenue in New York City. Catherine's throat was slashed - her jugular vein was completely severed, as was her larynx, and her carotid artery was nearly severed. Her hands were also severely cut from fighting off her attacker; the crime scene inside her apartment was described as bloody and horrific. Catherine died almost instantly since the blood  to her brain was completely cut off, depriving her of oxygen.



- The Two Faces of Cortez ** Paul Cortez ** A Ticking Time-Bomb -


Yoga instructor Paul Cortez


A Dejected Paul Vincent Cortez


Paul Vincent Cortez with Fellow Actors

at Boston University in March, 2001




The Suspect: Paul Vincent Cortez


Paul Vincent Cortez grew up in Spanish Harlem in The Bronx and graduated in 1998 from Brooklyn's prestigious Poly Prep County Day School, where he was a wrestler. After graduating from Boston University's "School of Fine Arts" in 2003, Cortez returned to New York City, where he sang in a rock band called "Stillwater" and then in another band called "Monolith." He also worked as a trainer at an Upper East Side New York Sports Club, where Catherine Woods was a member.


Cortez is "in shock," said his stepfather Drake Ducal of The Bronx, adding that the couple met when Cortez attended Boston University; Cortez majored in theater and also studied martial arts. "Of course, he feels sad," said his step-father. Some sources said cops were told the Manhattan man allegedly threw the petite, classically trained dancer against a wall once during a fight. Besides theater and martial arts, Cortez has studied several dance forms. In high school Cortez was a New England wrestling champion. He briefly considered going pro, he says, "but I had an artistic side as well, so I chose theater." Cortez's biological father, Manuel Cortez, who lives in Minnesota, believes that his son is innocent.


Police have video proof that Cortez was standing just outside Woods' Upper-East-Side building around the time the 21-year-old brunette was brutally murdered, The New York Post has learned. The surveillance video obtained from a camera posted on a bank building down the block shows Paul Cortez, 25, on Sunday night, outside 355 E. 86th St., where Woods was found nearly decapitated inside her bedroom, sources said. That video and evidence that Cortez made cell-phone calls to the Ohio native from right outside her apartment make him the No. 1 suspect in her slaying. "We believe that he was making the cell-phone calls from just about right outside on the street," said a source, adding that Cortez came across as a "con artist" in interviews with police.

The Post revealed yesterday that police had learned that Cortez a personal trainer and aspiring actor/rock singer made seven cell-phone calls in quick succession to Woods' cell-phone shortly before she was murdered. Cortez told cops he made the calls from his home, 23 blocks away. But that was a lie, according to sources, who said detectives have learned that the calls made at about 6:30 p.m. Sunday which went unanswered by Woods were made by him just outside her building.

Cortez, who has retained a lawyer, refused to comment yesterday and called police when reporters tried to contact him at his East 106th Street apartment. He has not returned to work at the Equinox health club near Woods' apartment since being questioned by police. Cops also suspect the 2003 Boston University theater-studies graduate because he would have known Woods' pattern for going to work. In particular, he would know that Woods tended to leave her apartment at about 7 p.m., and that David Haughn had a habit of going to get his car before returning to drive her to work.


It is known that Woods was in her apartment on the phone with a friend at 6:10 p.m., and Haughn has told the police that she was alive when he left her at 6:30 p.m. to get his car to take her to a shift at a topless club. Haughn, a would-be rapper who performs under the name "City," also said that he returned almost 20 minutes later to find Woods butchered, with blood splattered throughout the room. He immediately placed a 911 call at 6:48 p.m.

Sources said the killing would have taken about five minutes and that the murderer would have been prepared to hide any blood that splashed on him by bringing something to wear over his clothes or a change of clothes. That makes it likely that the murder was premeditated instead of the crime of passion it initially appeared to be. Cortez, according to a person who knows him, had called friends on Sunday afternoon to tell them he was performing with his band, Monolith, that night at a club called Rare in Manhattan's Meat Packing District. But a manager at Rare yesterday said that the club was closed Sunday night, as it usually is.

Cortez only spoke to police investigators for a few hours on Monday before clamming up and getting a lawyer, leaving his interrogation in tears, a source said. In contrast, Haughn spoke to police for more than a day and also allowed investigators to search his car and belongings "without an ounce of trepidation," the source said. Cortez has told police he had an on-again/off-again relationship with Woods, whom he met while training her, last year at a health club near her home. But he also said he was not dating her at the time of her murder.


Curt DeGroat, a friend of Cortez, yesterday said, "There's a lot of people who are concerned about him right now." "Paul is an extraordinary person. He's a beautiful yoga teacher. He's very loving, very sensitive," said DeGroat, 40, who last saw Cortez at an upstate meditation retreat in October. "There's no question in my mind that he didn't do this to this woman . . . I'm sure the evidence will prove that. "He really loved her very deeply," said DeGroat.


DeGroat also said Cortez "was always very afraid for" Woods because he believed that the people she was hanging out with were very bad news. "He knew that she was in a dangerous situation." A note on Woods' kitchen calendar shows she had an appointment for yoga the day she was killed but not at the gym where Cortez is employed.



Catherine Woods Looked Forward to a Promising Career as a Dancer



Catherine Woods with Ballet Troop

Cathy and a Dance Friend



Cathy and Her Hometown Boyfriend

Cathy with David Haughn



The Victim: Catherine Elizabeth Woods


Catherine Elizabeth Woods was born in Columbus, Ohio in 1984. She grew up in the suburb of Worthington. When she was three years old, she started taking dance lessons. Her dance instructor recognized already at this early age that Cathy was special; she was certain that Cathy could make a career out of dancing. Cathy took lessons at "Dance Reach with Mary Rose" studio in Powell, Ohio. Woods studied ballet, tap, jazz and modern dance, and spent most days dancing at the studio during her high-school years.


Cathy finished High School early and, against her family's advice, she left for New York City at age 17 to pursue a career in dancing for Broadway shows. (Her parents had encouraged her to go to college.) Cathy's friend, David Haughn followed her there from Columbus, where the two had met while still in their teens. David was pursuing a career in music (rap singing); he worked as a doorman at a close-by apartment building to pay his bills. Cathy worked as a waitress and she gave dance lessons to pay her bills, but she found out that she could make more money dancing in exotic nightclubs. However, she kept the latter information secret from her parents.


Cathy and David lived together, but after a time, Cathy could not resist the temptation of experimenting with at least one relationship with one of the many men who were attracted to her vivacious charms. She began a relationship with her personal trainer, Paul Vincent Cortez. Cortez described their relationship to police as "on-again, off-again." It was likely Cathy who would break off with Cortez, since she had so many chances to go out with other admirers, and she likely also realized that Cortez was potentially dangerous, since he had, at least on one occasion, thrown her up against a wall during an argument. Meanwhile, her faithful friend from Ohio, David Haughn, waited for her to settle down. Cathy and David remained roommates and they remained close friends. He still drove her to and from her job as an exotic dancer.


Paul Cortez knew her schedule all too well. According to police he called her seven times on the evening of Sunday, the 27th, but she wouldn't answer his calls. Police have footage of Cortez on another building's surveillance video-tape, walking close to Cathy's apartment building that evening; he was making the calls with his cell-phone from in front of her building. He watched her building, waiting for David to leave to go pick up his car, which was parked close-by. When David left, at 6:30 p.m., Cortez went up to Cathy's apartment, forced his way in and proceeded to stab her to death. When David returned, at 6:48 p.m., after being away for only about 20 minutes, he found Cathy on the floor in her bedroom in a pool of blood; she was already dead. He immediately called the police. At least, this is what police surmise.


One of Cathy's and David's neighbors made the following statement: "I heard a scuffle and then another short scream and her dog barking continuously, and then I heard more shuffling around the floor, like someone chasing someone around in a circle. Then I heard a loud thud," said a neighbor. Why in God's name didn't this neighbor, a man, rush to Cathy's aid? This sounds typical for New York City, but it's an attitude that is spreading across the country. On December 2, 2005, an article was published in the New York Post, about a grandmother, whose car was taken from her at 9 a.m. (broad daylight) in Queens, (New York City) and, although several people witnessed the carjacking, no one came to her aid. http://www.nypost.com/news/regionalnews/58825.htm

This is evidence in support of the theory that America is in a state of decline (see comment-section below) and that the social bonds, which hold a society together, have long been broken.


Cathy's former dance teacher in Powell, Ohio (outside of Columbus), Mary Rose Bushroe, told a reporter that "...she is in the business of turning little girls into beautiful young women. ... We taught her self-esteem. We taught her discipline," Bushroe said. "We tried to give her the tools to have a successful life and I'm heartbroken that she won't be able to live that life."


One thing that they failed to teach Cathy is that different races of people have different mentalities. They didn't teach her that Hispanics have a tendency to fly into uncontrollable rages, during which they will use any weapon available to kill others. But then, you can't expect that a dance teacher would teach her these things - her father and mother and other respected adults should have taught her this lesson. But now, sadly, Cathy's family and friends have learned this lesson the hard way; we can only hope that others will take heed and avoid getting into relationships with Hispanic males. The risk is far too great.


See Original Articles: The first and third Links have Photos. The last link has two informative TV Videos









It is perhaps precisely because Catherine Woods was so good-looking and so vivacious (which attracted men to her), that she came to be under the impression that she could have casual relationships with whomever she chose, and that she could end these relationships when she wanted to, without any repercussions. But she was not worldly enough to know that Hispanic males (as well as Black males) play by different rules than do White males. Unfortunately, sometimes, when you make a mistake, you don't get a second chance. Catherine Woods will not get a second chance, because, to have a casual relationship with an Hispanic male, often ends fatally.


Catherine's faithful White, live-in companion, David Haughn, 23, still drove her to and from work, and, most likely, generally did all of the things a good friend does, although they evidently no longer had a sexual relationship. He was likely being patient with her, until she learned that quick and casual thrills are not what make a strong and viable relationship. Well, his beloved Catherine learned her lesson - unfortunately, it was her last! Although David Haughn was back in Ohio on Friday, December 2nd, the day of Cathy's funeral, he decided not to attend, because he thought his presence would be a distraction.


The entire Ohio State University Marching Band played at the funeral services on Friday afternoon. And, what about the macho-man, Seor Cortez - I'm sure that he didn't even think of attending Cathy's funeral. He has been ordered by New York City police to stay in New York City, and he is undoubtedly under 24-hour police surveillance. Besides, Cortez will need some time with his shyster lawyers to try to figure out how they can weasel out of first-degree murder charges; perhaps by making a plea of "irresistible passion," i.e., murder committed in the heat of passion, which would reduce the charge, resulting in a shorter sentence and the possibility of being released early on parole with good behavior.

There are many factors at play here that lead to the commission of such a horrible crime: first of all, America is a multi-cultural society, which includes people from almost all of the different racial, ethnic and religious groups from all over the world; this means that there are many different mentalities represented in the USA, which makes for much more conflict and misunderstanding than in more homogeneous societies. Secondly, America is now in a state of decline, which only exacerbates the problems presented by multi-culturalism.


In conjunction with America's decline, we are now living in an age of permissiveness. A combination of these factors means that many men and women are having casual sexual relationships with any and all races of people, which often puts two people together who have different mentalities and different cultural expectations. Catherine Woods not only differed from Paul Cortez, in that she was White and he Hispanic, but Catherine also came from a suburb outside of a medium-sized city (Columbus, Ohio), and Paul Cortez was born and raised in the Bronx, in New York City. Most experienced adults know that there is a vast difference in mentalities between a medium-sized, mid-western town and New York City; and then, when different races (Hispanic/Caucasian) are added to the mix - this can only spell trouble. But 21-year-old Catherine Woods didn't realize this until it was too late.


Another point that has to be made in this case is that Paul Vincent Cortez  is at least moderately intelligent and has had the advantage of a good education. In 1998, he graduated from Brooklyn's prestigious Poly Prep County Day School, where he was a wrestler. In 2003, he received a degree from Boston University's "School of the Arts", majoring in theater and also studying martial arts. He is the lead singer in a rock band called "Monolith." But, despite his intelligence and a good education, he still retained the mentality of a jealous, hot-headed, impulsive Hispanic. This also holds true for Black males, and we will present cases on this website of intelligent, educated Black males, who, nevertheless, can still turn on those closest to them, and, in a fit of rage, la O. J. Simpson, ruthlessly slaughter them. The lesson to be learned here, is, of course, to avoid Hispanic and Black males.

There were at least three such killings of beautiful White women at the hands of jealous Hispanic ex-boyfriends during the latter half of November: Tonya Marie West in El Paso, Texas, was murdered by Quinn Cruz, Jr., Ciara McDermott in Newington, Connecticut, was murdered by Victor Diaz, and now, Catherine Woods in New York City. (And, on November 13, Dallas, Texas, police officer, Brian Jackson was shot to death by a jealous Hispanic male, Juan Lizcano, whose Hispanic ex-girlfriend had called the police to protect her from him.) How many more deaths will it take before White women become convinced that Hispanic males are unstable, are capable of flying into violent, jealous rages, and that a relationship with them often ends in serious injury or death? We hope that all White women take this very seriously, because the risk is far too great.

Yours Faithfully, Liberty


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