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- Paul Cortez Under 24-Hour Surveillance ! -


Catherine Elizabeth Woods


Ex-Boyfriend Eyed

Hispanic Suspect

Paul Vincent Cortez

- Police Strongly Suspect Paul Cortez in Murder !-


- Ex-Girlfriends:

Cortez Constantly Checked Up on Us -


Paul Cortez Harassed Catherine Woods on her Cell-phone While they Dated


Wednesday, December 7, 2005

The prime suspect in the brutal murder of stripper Catherine Woods phoned her obsessively when they were dating demanding to know the beautiful brunette's whereabouts and what she was doing, law-enforcement sources told The Post yesterday. Sources say personal trainer, Paul Cortez, 25, also repeatedly checked up on other women he dated often dozens of times a day. The pattern of harassment, sources said, mirrors Cortez's actions right before the Nov. 27 killing, when he called his estranged girlfriend Woods, an exotic dancer, from his cell-phone seven times in quick succession, sources said. "Where are you, why are you there, why are you going there, where are you going?" said one source, quoting the kinds of questions Cortez, an aspiring actor and rock singer, would demand of his girlfriends.

A number of women told detectives they were afraid the East Harlem resident would react violently when they split with him, saying he had a problem with rejection. But unlike those women who told cops they broke off any contact with Cortez after splitting with him Woods maintained contact after their affair recently ended, sources said. Cops strongly believe Cortez killed Woods with a knife and almost decapitated her. The murder occurred while her 23-year-old roommate and ex-boyfriend, David Haughn, was out of their East 86th Street apartment getting his car to drive her to work at a Times Square topless club, sources said. (For more - see article; see also the new comment at the end of this story.)



With head bowed, Paul Cortez slipped out of his apartment for some carry-out food: roasted chicken, beans and rice. The media and police have him under 24-hour stake-out. They are concerned that he might take flight to another country. He's fluent in Spanish and could blend in easily in any number of Spanish-speaking countries in Latin America, The Caribbean, South America, and also in Spain.






Cortez Slips Out For Some Carry-Out Food

The Police and Media Have Him Staked-Out 24 / 7



- Her Parents Should Have Warned Her ! -



Catherine Elizabeth Woods at a Ballet Performance


The Two Faces of Cortez ** Paul Cortez ** A Ticking Time-Bomb


Yoga instructor Paul Cortez

A Dejected Paul Vincent Cortez

Paul Vincent Cortez with Fellow Actors

at Boston University in March, 2001



Catherine Woods Looked Forward to a Promising Career as a Dancer




Catherine Woods with Ballet Troop


Cathy and a Dance Friend


Cathy and Her Hometown Boyfriend

Cathy with David Haughn






A White female friend of mine recently told me that she has had bad experiences with Hispanic males. She told me that they are very possessive and that once you date them, it's difficult to get away from them. For this reason, she now avoids Hispanic males altogether. This is the exact situation that Catherine Woods found herself in. But, being a very friendly type from the mid-west, she didn't want to be harsh, and so she tried to maintain just a friendly relationship with Paul Cortez. But, quite evidently, this is not possible with Hispanic males.


As one of Cortez's ex-girlfriends said: he has a problem with rejection, and this results in him being possessive. Some of his ex-girlfriends said that they were afraid that he would react violently if they split up with him. The attitude of the Hispanic male is that if he cannot have a particular woman, then no one can have her. At this point in their psychological decline, they have reached "the point of no return" and they, like a predator on a hunt, will relentlessly pursue and often viciously attack and seriously injure or murder the focus of their possessiveness.


It is only a matter of time now, before the police arrest Paul Cortez and charge him with first-degree murder. But there are tens-of-thousands more Hispanic males just like him, waiting for some young, innocent White woman to possess. And once you become entangled in their web, the chances are very good that you are going to get hurt - perhaps seriously injured or even viciously murdered. And that's why we say: please - don't take the chance. The risk is far too great.


Yours Faithfully, Liberty


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