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Crimes involving Non-White Perpetrators You Probably Have Not Heard About !

There are many crimes involving non-White perpetrators that are ignored or under-reported by local and national media. This website documents examples of such crimes, provides a memorial to the victims, and gives advice on how to avoid becoming a victim yourself.

If you become aware of a similar local news story, please notify us with a link to the original article if possible. You may contact us in confidence by e-mail at

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Ashley Turner August 14, 05: Keflavik, Iceland: Male U.S. Airman, 20, kills female U.S. Airman over her testimony.
Elizabeth Butler June 5, 05: Salem, NY (Westchester County): Teenager murdered by illegal Guatemalan Alien.
Lori & Adrian Rountree April 26, 06: Nashville, TN: Illegal Mexican Alien, 16, murders mother & daughter.
Policeman Scott Severns April 23, 06: South Bend, IN: Teenagers attempt armed robbery - Kill off-duty Police Officer.
Sister Karen Klimczak April 14, 06: Buffalo, NY: Catholic Nun Karen Klimczak murdered for her cell phone!
Mary Nagle April 29, 05: New City, NY, Rockland County: Woman Raped & Murdered by illegal Guatemalan.
Concetta Russo-Carriero June 29, 05: White Plains, NY: Random Murder of Legal Secretary, 54, by level 3 Sex Offender.
Imette St. Guillen Feb. 25, 06: NYC: College Grad-Student Tortured, Raped & Murdered by "Suspected" Bar Bouncer.
Emily Ann Clemons Feb. 21, 06: Tampa, FL: girl, 16, bludgeoned with hammer; thrown in dumpster; left for dead.
Raechale Elton Feb. 17, 06: Utah Social Worker, 22, Raped & Stabbed to Death by Deranged Sex-Offender Client.
Ronald Stem Feb. 15, 06: Man shot & Killed on University of South Florida Campus. Suspects on surveillance video
Lindsey Bonistall Feb. 4, 06: From May 1, 05: University of Delaware Student, 20, raped & strangled. Charge murder 1
Lauren Redman Feb. 1, 06: Raleigh, NC: Ex-boyfriend asks 2 Associates to collect debt - They rape & murder instead.
Anonymous Idaho Women Jan. 31, 06: Moscow, Idaho: Kanay Mubita, a Zambian national, spreads the AIDS Virus in Idaho.
Yoshie Sato Jan. 3, 06: Yokosuko City, Japan: American Sailor beats, robs & Kills Japanese Woman, 56.
Holly Michael Jan. 26, 06: Fort Dodge, IA: Bound & raped in basement; house set fire; woman dies 18 days later.
Christy Sanford Jan. 24, 06: Cocoa, FL: Woman shot & Killed at Random - Police say: Apparent Robbery.
Stephanie Hummer Jan. 19,06: Columbus, OH: 1994 Rapist and Murderer found after 12 years through DNA Match.
George L. Wallace Jan. 13,06: St. Petersburg, FL man killed during Home Invasion. Killers are still at large.
Nigel Marcotte Jan. 12, 06: Lenexa, Kansas (by Kansas City): Man, 42, Stabbed during Burglary Dies in Hospital.
Samantha Zenszer Jan. 10, 06: Philadelphia, PA: Woman, 21, and her great-grandmother, 79, killed by Ex-Boyfriend.
David Rosenbaum Jan. 9, 06: Washington, D.C. New York Times Retired Journalist Mugged & Murdered
Richmond Massacre Jan. 8, 06: Richmond, VA: Two families, 1 White & 1 Black are slaughtered in murder spree
Carol Newby Jan. 7, 06: Granite City, IL Charitable woman, 60, bludgeoned to death by ex-con.
Morgan Young Jan. 2, 06: Chesapeake, VA: Mormon Missionaries Gunned Down Going door to door - One Dies.
Ryon Smith Dec. 25, 05: Cahokia, Illinois: 6-year-old White Boy beaten to death; mother and boyfriend charged.
Jennifer Ross Dec. 24, 05: Savannah, Georgia: Debutante, 19, shot & killed; as yet, no suspects.
Tonya Dover Smith Dec. 21, 05: Virginia Beach, VA: Ex-con kills his female friend & her friend, Tonya Smith.
Stephen Holmes Dec. 17, 05: St. Petersburg, FL: Durango Steak House Manager Stabbed to Death by Haitian Ex-Con.
Kris Carlyle Dec. 14, 05: Teenager found guilty in shooting death of Country/Western singer - Gets Life in Prison!
Betty Jean Sweet Dec. 14, 05: Plain Dealing, LA: Woman killed in home invasion/robbery with shotgun.
Damon Womble Dec. 13, 05: Clinton, MO: Home Invasion, Robbery, Struggle - Assailant killed victim with a pistol.
Sydney, Australia Dec. 11-14, 05: Racial Unrest in Cronulla, by Sydney. Arabs harass Beachgoers.
Catherine Woods Nov. 27, 05: Dancer, 21, slain in NYC apartment. Ex-Boyfriend, Paul Cortez, is main suspect.
Robert Osborn Nov. 20, 05: Bicyclist ambushed by duo in Kansas City, MO. Media dubs it a "Thrill Kill."
Kilgore, Texas Nov. 17, 05: 2 convicted criminals just indicted for execution of 5 Whites in 1983.
Connecticut Stabbings Nov. 15/16, 05: McDonald's employee & Burger King customer are both knifed in separate incidents.
Police Officer, Brian Jackson Nov. 13, 05: Dallas, Texas, police officer, 28, is gunned down by an illegal Mexican. 
Eric Scott Mansfield Nov. 11, 05: In Nashville, TN: White homosexual, 33, shot and killed during a failed carjacking.
Wichita Massacre Dec. 14/15, 2000: Wichita, Kansas: Home Invasion, Sadistic Sex Crimes, Execution of four Whites.