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- Raleigh, North Carolina: white Man Asks Two Black Males to Collect Debt from Ex-Girlfriend, But Instead they Rape & Stab her to Death -

- All Three are Charged With Murder ! -


- The Alleged Killer -

Byron Lamar Waring

Age 19

- The Alleged Killer -


Joseph Daniel Sanderlin

Age 24

- Both Waring and Sanderlin are Being Charged with Capital Murder and Could Face the Death Penalty ! -


- Lauren Had Kicked Him Out of Her Apartment on the Previous Day ! -

- Ex-Boyfriend -

- Charged With Accessory After the Fact of Murder ! -


- George Bradford Sasser - Age 25 -

- Raleigh, North Carolina -



- Lauren Was a Standout Tennis Player in High School -

- The Victim - Stabbed 28 Times -


- Lauren Redman - Age 22 -




- Details of The Crime -


On Tuesday, November 8, 2005, at 2:20 a.m., Lauren Michele Redman, 22,  was found dying outside of her apartment complex, the Dominion Walnut Creek Apartments, at 3010 North Walnut Creek Parkway, near Gorman Street, in West Raleigh, North Carolina. Police have arrested two Black males and charged them with first-degree murder.

Arrested were Byron Lamar Waring, 19, and Joseph Daniel Sanderlin, 24, both of Raleigh. Both of them have confessed to the crime and explained to police detectives that they had gone to Lauren's apartment to collect a debt, which Lauren owed the man the two worked for, George Sasser, 25. The newsmedia have never stated what kind of a company Mr. Sasser has, and in what capacity Waring and Sanderlin worked for him.

On Wednesday, January 25, 2006, both Byron Warring and Joseph Sanderlin were charged with first-degree murder and could face the death penalty, the Wake County district attorney's office stated.

Mr. Sasser had been living with Lauren in her apartment, and she had thrown him out on the previous day. Mr. Sasser claimed that Lauren owed him money and he was angry about her kicking him out of her apartment, so he asked Waring and Sanderlin to go to her apartment and collect the debt for him.

Instead of just trying to collect the debt, Waring and Sanderlin raped Lauren and then took turns stabbing her until they had stabbed her 28 times. They left her dying of her wounds in her apartment. She was able to crawl out of her apartment to the breezeway where she collapsed; a neighbor discovered her; she died shortly after police arrived.

Byron Waring was arrested on Wednesday, November 9, 2006, one day after the crime was committed. Court records show that Waring has a past criminal history of misdemeanor larceny, public disturbance, trespassing and breaking-and-entering a motor vehicle.

On Saturday, November 12, 2005, detectives with the Raleigh Police Department served a warrant that also charges Joseph Daniel Sanderlin, 24, with Redmanís murder.

Police said Sanderlin had been in custody at the Wake County Jail since Nov. 9, when he was arrested on a probation violation. Police said the two suspects were probably casual acquaintances of Redman. Before Waring and Sanderlin were arrested, George Sasser had advised them to leave town, according to police detectives. George Sasser has been charged with accessory to murder in the stabbing death of 22-year-old Lauren Redman.

From Redman's apartment, officers recovered blood samples and took away drug paraphernalia and three steak knives from the victim's kitchen.

Waring and Sanderlin are in the Wake County Jail without bond; Sasser, who authorities said advised the other two suspects to leave town, is in jail under a $500,000 bond.

The first-degree murder charge against Byron Lamar Waring, 19, was declared a capital case on Tuesday. That means if he's convicted, Waring will be sentenced to death or to life in prison without parole. 

Autopsy results released last month revealed that Redman was stabbed 28 times. The 2001 East Wake High graduate was found early Nov. 8 in the breezeway of her West Raleigh complex, the Dominion Walnut Creek apartments on Walnut Creek Parkway.

Police also have charged Joseph Daniel Sanderlin, 24, with Redman's murder. George Bradford Sasser, 25, was charged with accessory after the fact for allegedly warning Waring and Sanderlin about the police investigation, and with an unrelated charge of attempted robbery.

An autopsy revealed she died from 28 stab wounds to the neck, head and torso. The report also says she was sexually assaulted and suffocated in the attack.

Administrators at East Wake High School, where Redman graduated in 2001, said Tuesday that Redman was a good student who played soccer and tennis.

"She was a model student, did all the right things," said East Wake High School's athletic director, Charles Corbett. "(She was) always where she was supposed to be when she was supposed to be there."

Redman was an English major at North Carolina State University, but she had not taken any classes there for more than a year. She was also a graduate of East Wake high school, where she was a standout tennis player.




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It has been close to three months since Lauren Redman was brutally murdered and no more than a dozen articles about her murder, all very local, have been published. The national media doesn't want to draw attention to the fact that Black males are killing so many White people. This case is unique in that the murder victim's White ex-boyfriend has also been charged with being an accessory after the fact to murder. This stemmed from the fact that George Sasser, Lauren's ex-boyfriend, had asked the two men who reportedly worked for him, to approach Lauren Redman to collect some money that she owed him.


There has been no mention of Mr. Sasser having instructed the two men, Waring and Sanderlin, to rough up Lauren or to do her any bodily harm. Apparently, the two Black males decided to take things into their own hands and to mete out justice in accordance with their own code of ethics, which, as I have already informed the readers of this website many times, is extremely brutal.


George Sasser appears to be somewhat of a seedy character himself, and it is now quite evident to all of Lauren's friends that she became associated with the wrong type of person. This apparently also became evident to Lauren and that was why she firmly asked him to vacate her apartment. Asking Waring and Sanderlin to approach Lauren to collect the money she owed him also does not say much for George Sasser's character. He, in effect, gave them license to do with her as they chose. He should have realized that Black males cannot be relied upon to be reasonable. So now, George Sasser is also going to get his just deserts.


That's what happens when people from two completely different cultures come together for some common purpose. That is what is happening all across the whole of our country. Whites are becoming involved with Blacks and asking them to do various legitimate things for them, and the Blacks are just not able to carry out the wishes of the Whites, because of their cultural make-up.


When will enough people in America come to the realization that this multi-cultural business is a misguided experiment that has gone very wrong? How many more White people, and people from other ethnic and racial backgrounds, must die, before we start having a national debate on how we can amicably solve this problem? Or is the only option building more prisons and living in fear and terror in our own country? Please let your Congressmen know what you think about this question; and, if they won't talk about it, vote them out of office.


Yours Faithfully, Liberty

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