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- Wichita Massacre Was a Déjà Vu, For a Few ! -


Darnell Hartsfield

Romeo Pinkerton


- Two Black Males Just Indicted for Executing

Five Whites in Kilgore, Texas - in 1983 !! -


The Defendants: Darnell Hartsfield and Romeo Pinkerton    

The Wichita Massacre was a Déjà Vu, but only for the people who live in north-east Texas. Why? Because the national media has blacked the case out, just like they blacked-out the Wichita Massacre. The crime was committed 22 years ago on September 23, 1983. The two Black males pictured above, the cousins, Darnell Hartsfield and Romeo Pinkerton, are charged with having made their way into the Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant in Kilgore, Texas, (which is about 75 miles due east of Dallas) and with having abducted five White Americans from the restaurant.


Two were middle-aged women and three were young men. The suspects then took the five victims to a rural oil field on Walter King Road, where the victims were shot in the head, execution style, and left for dead. The bodies were discovered the next day by an oil-field worker. Mary Tyler, 37; Opie Ann Hughes, 39; Joey Johnson, 20; David Maxwell, 20; and Monte Landers, 19, were found shot to death. All five victims were shot at least twice. Hartsfield and Pinkerton, the two Black males, were just indicted on November 17, 2005, for these murders.


     Law-enforcement officials say that DNA evidence has linked the two suspects to the crime scene. Police have had the DNA evidence for more than two decades, but the technology for mapping DNA wasn't known in 1983, and no other evidence resulted in any arrests. Forty-four-year-old Darnell Hartsfield and 47-year-old Romeo Pinkerton were indicted on 5 capital murder charges each. Both Black males come from Tyler, Texas. Hartsfield was 22 years old and Pinkerton was 25 years old at the time of this horrendous crime. Currently, both men are already in jail in Texas on other charges. [Comment: No surprise there!] Just last month, Hartsfield was sentenced to "life in prison" on aggravated perjury charges.


     The indictments were announced on the Henderson courthouse steps by Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott, with the victims families in attendance. Kilgore, Texas is only about 400 miles due south of Wichita, Kansas. Tyler, Texas is about 30 miles from Kilgore and 50 miles from Dallas. Attorney General Abbott said the trials may be moved to another county because of all the publicity the case has been given over the past 22 years. If police know of a motive for these killings, they have not revealed it to the public. [Comment: They could get a fair trial anyplace outside of the county where the murders took place, because, due of the news black-out, no one else in the country has even heard of the case.]



Family Survivors of Those Executed

No Photos of the Victims are Available


The Victims Families

For the victims families, today's announcement of indictments in the Kentucky-Fried-Chicken case was news they had long wanted to hear. "Today (November 17, 2005) a Rusk county grand jury has handed down 10 capital murder indictments, 5 each against Darnell Hartsfield and Romeo Pinkerton," said Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott. It was what family members had waited so long to hear: someone being held responsible for their loved-ones' deaths. "Well, we've been on a roller-coaster ride for 22 years , and we feel like today we're at the last peak," said KFC victim family-member, Jack Hughes.

On September 8, 2003, a Texas grand jury began hearing testimony on the Kilgore Massacre as the Texas Attorney General's Office began filing in witnesses. The jury was then recessed in late October. The grand jury reconvened in January of 2004. Previous witnesses included former and present law-enforcement officers, inmates and anyone with any knowledge of the 20-year-old case. According to records obtained by the Tyler Morning Telegraph, Texas Department of Criminal Justice inmates, Darnell Hartsfield and Romeo Pinkerton had DNA samples taken from them in the past year.


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http://www.zwire.com/site/news.cfm?B... AG=461&rfi=9






That these indictments did not make the national news comes as no surprise. The Wichita Massacre was blacked-out nationally and this case, the Kilgore, Texas, Massacre, has been blacked-out nationally, as well. It is only because a White-Rights' website carried this story that it came to my attention. Otherwise I, just like most of you, would have never known that it even took place. This is yet another example of how White America is being manipulated by the controlled media. We are being spoon-fed the so-called "soft news," perhaps about firefighters rescuing a dog from a well, or maybe a cat that got stuck up in a tree.


And then there's the weather - the weather is always safe to report and is interesting, especially if it's about a flood or a storm. White crime is also alright to report, as is anything having to do with sex and Whites. But Black males executing Whites? Well, the controlled media don't want people to get the idea that Black males are somehow more violent than the males of other races of people. They just don't want people to develop prejudices. They have concluded that it's just better for everyone that they don't report such "isolated incidents."


Don't you think that it's time that the media just did its job of informing us about what is happening and let us decide what we think about it? If they did so, I am sure that more White people would be on the alert when they come into contact with Black males. We must start taking more effective measures to protect ourselves against Black males, and if Black males are found to be guilty of crimes, they must be incarcerated and required to serve their full sentence in prison. We must demand fewer plea bargains, less time off for good behavior and more prison time instead of probation. Our safety and our lives depend on it.


But, concerning the matter of the controlled media reporting the full extent of Black crime in the USA: it seems clear, at this point in our history, that this is not going to happen. It is for this reason that we must begin to rely on our own media sources, such as this and other like-minded websites, which publish the truth about the extent of Black crime. Newspaper and magazine sales are decreasing rapidly and fewer people are relying on television to inform them about what is really going on. Now that the Internet is available, it is the best source for unfiltered and uncensored news. In order to find out what is really happening in the USA and the world today, check this and other like-minded websites, and other non-establishment, general-news websites.


In summary: when comparing the Kilgore and the Wichita Massacres, the similarities are striking: in both cases there were two, young, Black male perpetrators, five White victims, two women and three young men; both sets of victims were taken to a field and shot in the head with pistols, execution style, and left for dead. And, geographically - Wichita, Kansas and Kilgore, Texas are both just about on the same line of longitude about 400 miles apart.


One of the main differences between these cases is that in the Wichita case, one courageous woman survived, despite having been shot in the head, and, unclothed, in sub-freezing weather, she was able to run more than a mile over snow-covered ground without shoes, to the closest house, where the residents took her in and called police. This sturdy, determined woman was able to provide police with enough information to convict the two Black males, the Carr brothers, of first-degree murder. Let's hope that a Texas jury will also convict the two Black males in the Kilgore Massacre. And, one final note, unlike Kansas, Texas still has capital punishment.


Yours Faithfully, Liberty

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