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- Black African Male Infects White Idaho Women With The Deadly Aids Virus ! -

- An AIDS Terrorist is as Dangerous as a Suicide Bomber ! -


20% of All Zambians Have AIDS !!! -

- About 50% of Males 17 - 35 Have AIDS !!! -

- There is a 50/50 Chance that a young Zambian African male has AIDS !!! -


- Kanay A. Mubita - Age 31 -

- He is a Citizen of Zambia, Africa -

- Zambia Exported Him and the AIDS Virus -

- An AIDS Terrorist is as Dangerous as a Suicide Bomber ! -

- How Did He Get Into The Country ? ! - Don't We Test Immigrants? Especially Black African Males?! - Naive & Self-Destructive Policies will Destroy America ! -


- Black African Male Could Get 225 Years In Prison ! -

- Canada Has Experience With Black Africans Spreading AIDS and Death - And the Charge is Murder in the First Degree ! -


 - HIV-positive Canadian charged with murder for unprotected sex -

- HIV-positive man faces 2 First-Degree murder charges for unprotected sex -

Friday, 25 Feb 2005
CBC News

HAMILTON - A man in Hamilton who had unprotected sex with at least 12 women without telling them he was HIV-positive has been charged with first-degree murder after two of the women died.



Johnson Aziga - Native of Uganda, Equatorial Africa

Johnson Aziga is thought to be the first person in Canada to face that charge in connection with spreading the deadly virus.

The 48-year-old Ugandan-born man had earlier been charged with endangering the lives of his sexual partners, seven of whom later tested positive for the virus that causes AIDS.

The two first-degree murder charges were laid after two women in Toronto died, in December 2003 and in May 2004.

A variety of courts have ruled that if people don't know their sexual partner carries the AIDS virus, they cannot truly consent to sex.

As a result, the deaths of the two women are considered to have resulted from sexual assaults. That automatically calls for first-degree murder charges as opposed to lesser charges such as manslaughter.


The case returns to court on March 11.


AIDS in Uganda was initially known as 'slim' due to its physically wasting characteristics. HIV was already spreading in Uganda on the shores of Lake Victoria in the late 1970s. It is from here that some theories suggest HIV spread to the rest of the world. If this is true then Uganda's HIV epidemic might be said to have had something of a 'head start' on other national epidemics.


Uganda's HIV success questioned

By Will Ross
BBC correspondent in Kampala

Uganda began campaigning on Aids in the late 1980s. An organisation helping people living with HIV/Aids in Uganda has questioned the authenticity of the government's statistics on the disease. Uganda is often held up as a success story and the government is lauded for the progress it has made, with the official prevalence rate put at only 6%. But after conducting research in districts across Uganda, an NGO suggests the real picture is far worse.

They found prevalence rates as high as 30% and bad access to anti-retrovirals.

Major Rubaramira Ruranga, the executive director of the National Guidance and Empowerment Network of people living with HIV/Aids in Uganda (NGEN), said he believed the HIV prevalence rate could be more than three times higher than previously thought.

"We have found the prevalence rate at this time is 17%," he told a news conference.


- HIV-Positive Man to Stand Trial on Murder Charges -

CBC News (Canada), Nov. 14 2005

An Ontario judge has cleared the way for an HIV-positive man to stand trial on first-degree murder charges in the case of two women who died of complications from the virus.

Justice Norman Bennett of Hamilton ruled there’s enough evidence to send Johnson Aziga, 49, to trial. He was remanded in custody until a trial date is set Dec. 16.

Aziga is believed to be the first HIV-positive person in Canada to be charged with murder after allegedly having unprotected sex and passing on the virus.

Aziga, who was charged last January, was diagnosed with the AIDS virus in 1996. The two Toronto women he allegedly had sex with have died: one in December 2003 and the other in May 2004.

The former staffer at the Ontario Ministry of the Attorney General is also accused of aggravated sexual assault of 11 other women he allegedly had sex with, and these women have said they did not know he was HIV positive.

The Supreme Court of Canada has ruled one partner cannot give true consent for sexual relations if the other fails to disclose an HIV infection.

The ruling comes in the wake of a similar case involving Trevis Smith, a linebacker with the CFL’s Saskatchewan Roughriders who was charged with aggravated sexual assault in Surrey, B.C.

The RCMP took the extraordinary step of revealing Smith is HIV positive because officials felt a public warning was necessary.


This is another case of a Black African from Sub-Saharan Africa (Uganda) coming to a country in the Western World and spreading the AIDS Virus. The one article above states that he was diagnosed with AIDS in 1996 - it doesn't however say how long Aziga had been in Canada and if, indeed, the diagnosis was made in Canada. Since he was 48 years old in 2005, then he was diagnosed with AIDS when he was 38 years old and he had already had the virus for at least ten years. But even if Aziga did not bring the AIDS Virus with him from Africa, it was because of his promiscuous sexual practices that he contracted it. Such promiscuity is typical of the Black male, whether it be in Africa, Canada, the USA, or wherever, and this makes them a high-risk to be carrying sexually transmitted diseases, and, in this day and age of the AIDS Virus, interaction with them can be fatal.



- African Women Living Under Tyrannical Rule Of African Males -

"Black African Women say that practices such as a refusal to wear a condom, intimidating young girls into having sex, polygamy, and rape are major problems in Africa."



"African Men Blamed Over AIDS."
The Post, January 14, 2002

African women delegates at an international conference on Aids have strongly criticised African men, saying their attitude towards sex is putting African women's lives at risk and helping to spread HIV throughout the continent.

Women at the conference in Burkino Faso blamed the male-dominated culture in African countries for infecting the highest number of women of any continent with the virus which causes the disease. They said practices such as a refusal to wear a condom, intimidating young girls into having sex, polygamy, and rape were major problems.

Superstitions such as purification through having sex with a virgin were also endangering women's lives. Delegates heard that many African women had to run a gauntlet of taboo, male opposition and financial worry, just to get access to HIV tests and the simplest drugs.

These hurdles simply helped the virus to be transmitted from mother to child, in the womb and through maternal milk. Women were widely regarded as chattel, mired in poverty and poor education and condemned to a life of child raising.

One delegate claimed that of 20 million people on the continent with HIV, more than half were women, a higher percentage than anywhere else in the world. The conference heard that finding solutions depended on practical work with local communities, rather than agreeing on grandiose declarations.


There Should Be A Ban On All Travel From African Countries - Because The AIDS Rate is So High !


- Details of the Perpetrator's Criminal Activity in Moscow, Idaho -

Kanay Mubita has been formally charged with knowing he was HIV-positive and engaging in sexual activity with 15 women in Moscow, Idaho. A native of Zambia, Africa, Mubita came to Moscow in 2002 after spending time in England learning English. He was a part-time student at UI, taking English as a second language courses.

In court, Mubita said that once he passed those courses, he hoped to pass an English proficiency test so he could enroll at the university full-time. He did not identify what program he was interested in. Mubita eventually dropped out of UI to allow his ex-wife, to whom he was then still married, to continue going to school while he worked full-time.

From 2002-2005, Mubita allegedly had sexual intercourse or other sexual relations with at least 15 women while knowing he was infected with HIV. Some 20 women have been identified in court records as allegedly having sexual contact with Mubita, but not all women could be contacted by police.

According to court documents, Moscow police Lt. Paul Kwiatkowski contacted North Central Health District officials and confirmed, based on their records, that Mubita had not only known he was HIV-positive, but that he signed documents acknowledging the fact.

Mubita was also apparently receiving financial assistance based on his illness, officials told Kwiatkowski.

It's illegal in Idaho to expose another person to the HIV virus without their consent, which clearly means, that to have sex with someone when you know you have the AIDS virus without informing them, is illegal. In legal terminology: Under Idaho law, it is illegal to knowingly transfer body fluids that may contain the HIV or AIDS viruses to another person. A jury trial for Mubita, 31, a Zambian national, is set to begin March 27 in 2nd District Court. If convicted, Mubita faces 15 years in prison and a $5,000 fine for each count.

According to court documents, Mubita tested positive for the HIV virus in December 2001. Latah County Prosecutor Bill Thompson says he failed to tell any of his sexual partners that he had the virus. Some 20 women have been acknowledged to have potentially engaged in sexual acts with Mubita in the last three years, since he was alleged to have knowledge of his positive HIV results, according to court documents.

Mubita has been held in the Latah County Jail on a $20,000 bond since early December.

The following is an excerpt from the Argonaut, the University of Idaho newspaper, dated January 13, 2006, before it was known that some of the victims were UI students:

University of Idaho Dean of Students Bruce Pitman said the school has not been notified that any of the alleged victims were students at the school, but he did not expect to be notified, either, due to privacy issues.

“We did initiate contact with public health officials,” Pitman said, “and we offered our cooperation with the understanding that they’re the ones in control.”

Latah County Prosecutor Bill Thompson said he also was unaware if any of the alleged victims attended the University of Idaho.

“But certainly a number of the alleged victims are college-aged,” Thompson said.

Birth years of the women ranged from 1968 to 1984, according to court documents.

Pitman said that even if none of the women were students, the Mubita case still affects the school.

“The university is part of this social community,” he said, “and what affects the greater social community affects the university.”

Pitman stressed to The Argonaut that the alleged victims “also have undoubtedly some pretty significant privacy rights.”

Mubita was originally accused of having sexual intercourse with a 27-year-old Moscow woman, also believed to be the mother of his 6-month-old child, without notifying her that he was infected with the HIV virus, the precursor that can lead to AIDS.

After the initial accusations surfaced, Mubita denied knowing that he was HIV-positive, but after Moscow police officers contacted public health officials in Lewiston it was confirmed that Mubita had signed three separate documents acknowledging he was infected. One document was dated Jan. 25, 2003, while some of the allegations against him reach back to 2002.

After police officers visited Mubita at his home because his case worker asked them to check on his welfare, he eventually admitted to knowing he was infected with HIV and was arrested.

Since the initial allegations against him, many other women have come forward and additional charges were filed against Mubita.

An HIV testing and counseling session was scheduled Dec. 15, 2005, by the North Central Health District office in Moscow, but no new sessions have been scheduled since students have returned from break. Health district officials were not available for comment Thursday afternoon. [end of article]

Moscow, a university town of about 22,000 people, about half of which are students, is located in northern Idaho, right on the border with Washington State. There are fewer than 200 Blacks in Moscow, which makes Blacks somewhat of rarity. It is for this reason that African Americans and Black Africans are treated with much deference. One can only hope that after this catastrophe the people's attitudes will change.


-There Are Only 194 Blacks in Moscow, Idaho -

- But Just One is Enough to Terrorize a Whole City -


See Original Articles








- Learning safe sex the hard way -



Written by Sam Taylor -Argonaut    

Friday, 20 January 2006 

Sarah is a senior. She has many friends, is involved in several organizations on campus and considers herself an activist.

That’s why she wants to get her story out. While Sarah is not her real name — she asked to remain anonymous — she still wishes to tell others of her experience. It begins with a random encounter, like any other that might occur between a man and a woman at a bar. The story has no ending yet, because the man is on trial.

But what matters to Sarah is that others know about her experience with Kanay Mubita, who is alleged to have transferred his body fluids to her and 14 other women in Moscow, all the while knowing he was HIV-positive.

During the second or third week of October 2005, Sarah spent an evening at CJ’s and was buying drinks when the tall, lanky man approached her.

“He told me, ‘You’re so beautiful,’” she says.

She thought it was a weird encounter. Mubita told her they couldn’t talk because he was black and she was white. She had noticed him before — usually “with a whole bunch of girls around him.”

So Sarah left him to go back to her group of friends, approaching him again after a girlfriend suggested she ask Mubita to dance.

This was months before she would find out, from friends and newspaper articles, that Mubita had been arrested. That night, she says, he told her a story of law school and how he had just passed the bar exam. She was impressed and thought nothing of it, she says.

“I trust people, I guess.”

The two eventually ended up at Mubita’s apartment, where he cooked her dinner. Afterward, he suggested that they lay down in his bed. He pressured her to have sex, she says, but she refused. The pair did engage in oral sex without any type of protection.

Sarah admits she was intoxicated that night. That’s part of the lesson, she says — that people need to not let “alcohol be a mask to what is going on.”

Sarah stayed at Mubita’s apartment for nearly a week. He even gave her a key to his apartment.

But during those days, she says, it became apparent that Mubita was not completely truthful with her.

Friends told her they had never heard of him being enrolled at the University Of Idaho College of Law. They had not heard of many things he told her.

Sarah says Mubita weaved many tales — so many that he eventually confused even himself.

After telling her the plight of his infant son and how he and his girlfriend had recently broken up, Sarah says he also informed her that he was getting a $15,000 check soon, that he owned a business with a friend and that his ex-girlfriend was moving to Washington, D.C., because she was in the Army.

Sarah would find out later, during a witness deposition as part of a preliminary hearing at the Latah County Courthouse, that his ex-girlfriend happened to be his first alleged victim, and that she was mentally disabled.

“He was so caught up in this world of lies that they started not making sense.”

The two engaged in oral sex several times throughout the week Sarah stayed with Mubita, she says, and all the time he tried to pressure her into sex. When the issue of condoms was brought up, she says, Mubita apparently told her that he did not need them.

Sarah says she brought some over to his apartment just in case.

“Eventually, I think he finally understood we weren’t going to have sex and he gave them back to me.”

Sarah says she also feels bad, because one of the reasons why she did not have intercourse with Mubita was because he was from Africa, and she knew that HIV and AIDS were prevalent there. She says she wished at that time that she had not stereotyped the Zambian man.

“There’s this stereotype, and I know this is going to hurt the situation even more.”

The Saturday after they had met, Sarah says, the lies unraveled and she gave Mubita his house key back. He attempted to remain in contact with her, asking her if she was mad at him and randomly showing up at her apartment.

“I was trying to ignore him.”

The last time they had any contact was when he called her before Thanksgiving, she says, telling her that he was going to England for some time and wouldn’t be back for a while, so he wanted to see her. She refused, she says.

Sometimes, Mubita tried to seek sympathy from her, Sarah says.

“He would say, ‘Don’t talk to me, I’m nothing,’ but I told him at the time, ‘What are you talking about? You’ve got a lot going for you right now.”

She found out the whole truth the Sunday before finals week of the fall 2005 semester.

“He knew what was going on in his life. I can understand how you could feel like nothing if you had HIV.”

Friends had read in the newspaper that Mubita had been arrested and that he was HIV-positive. Sarah looked into the issue more herself and eventually called the police.

She says she was shocked, worried and scared.

“I was just a wreck. Nobody expects that to happen with someone you know. You don’t expect it to happen to you.”

While Sarah has tested negative for HIV in the initial two months since she had sexual contact with Mubita, she will continue to be tested for a six-month period. That is the length of time it can take for the virus to show up in the body after initial contact.

North Central Health District officials did tell her that there was a good chance she would not be infected because of the initial results, but she says that does not mean she doesn’t worry.

“I want to move on with it, but it’s probably going to consume my whole semester. Petty little issues don’t mean anything now.”

Sarah hopes that by hearing her story, others will learn to be more careful in similar situations.

“We hear about it on the news all the time, but the fact that it happened in Moscow, Idaho, makes it more profound,” she says. “I want people to know the situation - that it happened to somebody here. I really want to use this experience to help people. This gives me the tools.”


- Black African Male Could Get 225 Years In Prison ! -

- It Would Be Better To Deport Him Back To Africa - We can't afford to Keep Him In Jail And Supply Him With Anti-AIDS Drugs ! -


-Justification For Immediate Ban On All Travelers From Africa !! -

20% of Zambians Have AIDS !!! -

50% of Zambian Males 17 -35 Have AIDS ! -

- Zambia is Exporting AIDS & Death !!! -

- Kanay A. Mubita - Age 31 -

- We Can't Afford To Keep Him In Prison ! -


- Impact of the AIDS Virus on the economy and food production in Zambia, Africa -

The AIDS epidemic severely damages every sector of Zambia's economy. In the first place, employers bear the direct costs of absenteeism, medical care, funerals and extra recruitment; according to the Zambia Business Coalition, 82% of known causes of employee deaths are HIV-related and 17% of staff recruited are to replace people who have died or left because of HIV-related infections. But what is even more significant is that, as AIDS kills people in the prime of life, the workforce is stripped of valuable skills and experience. The situation becomes yet worse as there are fewer people to teach the next generation. All of this means that production costs rise, while at the same time consumer spending falls because people affected by AIDS have less money to spare. Zambia has been one of the world's poorest countries since the late 1970s, and AIDS has made a bad situation even worse.

Agriculture, from which the vast majority of Zambians make their living, is also affected by AIDS. In particular, the loss of a few workers at the crucial periods of planting and harvesting can significantly reduce the size of the harvest. AIDS is believed to have made a major contribution to the food shortages that hit Zambia in 2002, which were declared a national emergency. [end article]



If Zambia is economically in such dire straits, then why did they allow a young man (Kanay Mubita) in the prime of his life to leave the country? Does he have a criminal record in Zambia? Did Zambian officials establish that Mubita was only spreading the AIDS Virus around the country? Or is Zambia purposely encouraging AIDS-Infected, young males to go to Western countries in order, in a hideously cruel plot, to make the Western World aware of the fact that so many people in Zambia are dying of AIDS?

Would it be too cynical to conjecture that the Zambian government is knowingly exporting young men with AIDS to the developed nations of the world in order to get revenge for not giving Zambia more money to fight the AIDS Virus, and, generally, because Zambia is one of the poorest nations in the world? A comparison would be the well-known Jesse Jackson shake-down operation.

Zambia is too weak and too poor to declare war on those they might hate, but they can send their "emissaries of death" - the AIDS-Infected. What do these AIDS-carrying, young men have to lose? These promiscuous young Black African males have absolutely nothing to lose - their health is soon going to quickly deteriorate and they will probably be dead within five to ten years.  These "emissaries of death" must be classified as AIDS Terrorists. It's the Zambian equivalent of a suicide bomber.

There are two possibilities here: either the Zambian government is actively enlisting young AIDS-infected men to travel to countries in the Western World, in an effort to spread the AIDS Virus, out of revenge and hate for the developed countries of the Western World - speak "White People." Or, the Zambian government is simply allowing young men to travel abroad on their own volition, not really checking or caring whether or not they are infected with the AIDS Virus. One or the other of these two scenarios is reality, and both of them are terribly wrong and unethical.

The first, "actively enlisting young AIDS-infected men to travel abroad" would be absolutely despicable, but, not really out of the question, given the present mentality of the Zambian and other Black African peoples, i.e., hatred for White People. All that one need do to support this claim of hatred toward White people is look at the sky-rocketing crime rates in South Africa and Zimbabwe, and the on-going expropriation of land from White farmers in South Africa and Zimbabwe, both of which are just south of Zambia. It's almost as though Black Africa has declared war on the unsuspecting Western World by sending Trojan horse, AIDS-infected, emissaries of death to western countries as agents of biological warfare.

(Such a scenario is not to be dismissed out of hand - consider the actions of Fidel Castro during the "Mariel Boat Lift" of 1980. Castro sent hardened, convicted felons that he had taken out of his prisons specifically for the purpose of sending them to the USA as a disruptive force. He also emptied out some of his mental institutions and sent the patients to the US during the "Mariel Boat Lift.")

The second possibility, that of simply allowing young men to travel abroad without checking or caring if they are infected with the AIDS Virus or not, is extremely irresponsible and also unethical. But then, what do these people know about ethics. It is nothing less than an act of futility to try to apply the ethics and laws of the Western World to the primitive peoples of Black Africa.

And how effective would international laws be in holding the Zambian government responsible for a young man having an "unfortunate disease?" Especially under present limp-wristed conditions in the Western World. Officials in the Zambian government more than likely just have a good laugh when they hear about cases like Kanay Mubita spreading the AIDS Virus in America, and then they encourage more AIDS-Infected young men to go abroad. Well, it's high-time that we got serious about the survival of our country and our people. We must start a public discussion about banning all tourists, discontinuing issuing all student visas, and certainly stopping all immigration from all of Africa, and we must do it now!

Yours Faithfully, Liberty

20% of Zambians Have AIDS !!! -

25% of South African Blacks  Have AIDS !!! -

38.8% of People of Swaziland Have AIDS !!! -

37.3% of People of Botswana Have AIDS !!! -

28.9% of People of Lesotho Have AIDS !!! -

24.6% of People of Zimbabwe Have AIDS !!! -


The total population of Zambia is about 11 million - 20% of this is 2,200,000 people ! -

- And this 20% is of the total population. This means that the percentage of young men between the ages of, say, 17 and 35, who have AIDS, is much, much higher - probably something like 50%. And this means that when a young Zambian man goes abroad to work or as a student, the odds are about 50/50 that he is infected with the AIDS Virus !!! - It is absolutely unconscionable of the Congress of the United States of America not to enact legislation that would ban all types of travelers from the African Countries to America !!! -


- Zambia is Exporting AIDS-Infected Terrorists to the Western World, and whether Knowingly or unknowingly, they Are the Zambian Equivalent of a Suicide Bomber !!! - And the People of America - totally helpless - as though paralyzed - just Let this Happen !!! -



- Promiscuous, Lying, Black African Male Pleads Not Guilty -


- Seven more counts for Mubita -

Written by Sam Taylor -Argonaut

Friday, 27 January 2006

Kanay Mubita will plead not guilty to seven charges accusing him of knowing he had HIV while engaging in sexual activity with women in Moscow, his public defender said Wednesday.

During a preliminary hearing in front of District Magistrate William Hamlett, seven alleged victims testified that Mubita engaged in sexual intercourse with them without telling them he was HIV-positive.

If found guilty of those and six earlier charges, Mubita faces a maximum of 15 years in prison and a $5,000 fine for each count.

At Wednesday’s hearing, one alleged victim, L.B., 33, from Orofino, said she met Mubita at CJ’s and they dated from April 2005 to about December 2005, although they stopped having sex in October 2005 because she was unable to travel to Moscow.

L.B. said she and Mubita discussed marriage and having children, and that he would visit her in Orofino. During this time she believed their relationship to be exclusive, although other women later testified that they had engaged in sexual intercourse with Mubita on dates when L.B. was apparently in a relationship with him.

L.B. also said she and Mubita had extensive discussions about HIV because she had been told by an Orofino friend that he was infected with the virus. She said he denied the allegations when she asked, but then he also confronted her.

“He threw a fit one day,” L.B. said, in August and demanded that she get tested for HIV. She said Mubita told her he was tested too, but kept coming up with excuses for why he couldn’t get her the test results.

“Since mine were negative at the time, I believed he was negative as well,” L.B. said. “He said, ‘I don’t have this crap,’ stuff like that.”
During testimony, several women made similar statements about how Mubita spoke to them after they had engaged in sexual activity.
“He was basically telling me that he loved me and that he wanted to marry me,” said M.B., 27.

“He told me he loved me and wanted me to have his baby,” said C.L., 22. All of the women said that Mubita never told them he had HIV, and many of them testified that he had had sex with them without wearing a condom. Debate continues, however, as to whether or not Mubita still admits to being HIV-positive.

According to court records and testimony from Moscow police Lt. Paul Kwiatkowski, Mubita admitted to being infected with the virus after officers spoke with him at home.

Initially, he denied knowing he was HIV-positive, but officers were given three signed affidavits from the North Central Health District with Mubita’s signature acknowledging he had been diagnosed with HIV. One such document dated back to Jan. 25, 2003, which was before the time any of the alleged victims engaged in sexual activity with him.

His lawyer, Charles Kovis, said he would not comment on whether or not Mubita actually is HIV-positive because it is part of their defense. However, Kovis said that the only time it has been shown he admitted to being infected was through testimony of police officers before arrest and from documents.

“But it might be a little tougher to bring in a doctor to say all this stuff,” Kovis said. Latah County prosecuting attorney Bill Thompson said his office would not comment on the potential to ask for sentencing on each count to be served consecutively or concurrently if Mubita is found guilty.

“We’re not to that point in the proceedings,” Thompson said.
Initially, 15 counts were brought against the 31-year-old man, but one was dropped during the preliminary hearing for the first seven counts because the alleged victim could not attend.

During Wednesday’s hearing, Latah County deputy prosecutor Michelle Evans amended the additional charges from eight counts to only seven, because another victim who lives out of state could not attend the proceedings.

The trial for all counts was set for March 27. Kovis said he was concerned that if Mubita is found guilty of the charges, prosecutors might ask that the 13 counts against him be served consecutively rather than just one potential 15-year sentence and $5,000 fine.

“I find this procedure to be quite bizarre because I have no idea what his immigration status is,” Kovis said. “But what are we going to do if he is found guilty, incarcerate him for the rest of his life? If he is truly HIV-positive and they incarcerate him, will they pay for thousands of dollars a month in medications and treatment?”





A Google News Search (kanay mubita moscow) turned up only 17 articles - seven from the University of Idaho publication, Argonaut, one from Salt Lake City, Utah, and the rest from local media. Considering the gravity of the situation, this is, of course, very few. There is no question but that this should be a top-priority, national news story. Where are all of the so-called concerned, social commentators, such as Rita Cosby, Geraldo Rivera, Nancy Grace, Greta van Susteren, etc. They are all busy chasing down politically correct stories.


For those of you who still may be unconvinced that Black males are devious, promiscuous, barbarous and fiendish, this story should serve as the ultimate proof. What worse fate could you inflict on a person than giving them a deadly disease that causes you to die a slow, agonizing death - which takes years to complete. One can only hope that the people of the Moscow, Idaho area have learned their lesson: stay away from Black males, whether they were born in America, in Africa or wherever. It is not worth the risk.


The idea that a person can lead a normal life when infected with the AIDS virus is total nonsense. Who would want to have anything to do with you, let alone have an intimate relationship with you or eventually marry you. And, as far as women getting married and having children is concerned - forget it. Who in their right mind would enter into a relationship like that?


The culture destroyers who now control our society have deceitfully split this deadly virus into two parts: the HIV infection and AIDS. Their specious logic is that you can have the virus without having any of the debilitating symptoms, which means, they contend, that you can lead a normal life with the virus as long as you can stop the debilitating symptoms from developing. This is plain nonsense. Very few people live very long without developing symptoms. And, besides that, what kind of a relationship can you have with anyone once they know that you are carrying the AIDS virus?


The AIDS Virus is, in a way, more dangerous than the plagues of bygone centuries. At least smallpox and the bubonic plague would mercifully kill its victims within a few-days time. This meant that those infected would not have much of a chance to infect other people, and that when the infected people died off, the scourge was over. This is not true in the case of the AIDS Virus. It takes years for the AIDS Virus to kill someone and, in the meantime, just like in the case of Kanay Mubita, the carrier has a chance to infect many more people.


And our suicidal political leaders, in refusing to implement procedures of quarantine for carriers of the AIDS Virus, are only assuring that it is spread further and further. Thanks to the starry-eyed, delusional, half-wit, radical liberals, who are in positions of authority and power in America, AIDS-infected, promiscuous, Black-male predators, such as Kanay Mubita, are allowed to roam freely in the general population. How in God's name did this disease-ridden, AIDS terrorist get into the country in the first place? Congress should institute an immediate ban on all immigration from Africa.


It is the worthless politicians who are ultimately responsible for the horror that the fifteen exposed women in Idaho and their families have to go through. These politicians don't have the courage to address the AIDS-Virus plague realistically and they don't have the courage to alert the law-abiding population about the criminal nature of Black males - whether the Black males are robbing, raping, murdering, or criminally spreading the AIDS Virus.


And Congress does not have the courage to ban all immigration from AIDS-plagued Africa. How many more people must be terrorized and die agonizing deaths before the people of America stand up against the cowardly politicians who are doing absolutely nothing to protect American citizens? Do your part! Support only those politicians who speak truthfully and logically. It's time for a new breed of straight-talking, no-nonsense politicians - you'll know them when they step forward. Vote for them!


Yours Faithfully, Liberty

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