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- St. Petersburg, Florida Man Killed During Home Invasion -


George L. Wallace - Age 85

Killed in his own Home by Terrorists !


Total National Media Blackout !


Details of the Crime


Early Friday morning, January 13, 2006, George L. Wallace was beaten to death by an unknown number of assailants in his own home. Mr. Wallace owned his home in the 6600 block of Pasadena Ave., North; he rented a room in the rear of the house to a 48-year-old man . This man responded to Mr. Wallace's groaning, but it was too late. The perpetrators had already fled - they took Mr. Wallace's 1999 White, Buick Regal. The vehicle was abandoned in a Black neighborhood of south St. Petersburg called Mid-Town, at 19 St. and Melrose Ave.


The vehicle was recovered by police sometime Friday through a circuitous route. It turns out that a 17-year-old boy and a friend found the car abandoned, with the keys in the door lock. They took it for a joy-ride, but when residents of the area saw the young boys with the car, they told them that the car had been stolen and that the owner had been murdered. The 17-year-old parked the car at 16th St. and 15th Ave., South, in St. Petersburg, and threw the keys in a storm drain. When he got home he told his mother what he had done and she ordered him to call the police. He called the police who had the keys fished out of the storm drain. No charges have been filed against the 17-year-old and his friend.


Now, the police want to know who told the 17-year old that the car had been stolen and that the owner had been killed. The reason, quite simply, is because these facts had not yet been made public. In other words, the person or persons, who warned the 17-year-old to ditch the 1999 Buick knew something about the murder and car theft. Needless to say, these circumstances indicate that the perpetrators were Black males. And here, it should also be pointed out that this is another example of the Black community shielding Black criminals.



Elderly Man Dies After Savage Beating

The following Article is excerpted from the Tampa Tribune

By Stephen Thompson
Published: Jan 13, 2006

St. Petersburg- An 85-year-old man died Friday, just a few hours after authorities say someone broke into his home and beat him during an apparent home invasion.

St. Petersburg police responded to a report of a break- in at 6601 Pasadena Ave. N. at 2:09 a.m., said St. Petersburg police spokesman Bill Proffitt. George Wallace was found severely beaten and died eight hours later at an area hospital, Proffitt said.

Wallace, a retired restaurateur, was initially found by a man he rents a room to, and who lives in the rear of the house. Jeff Braden, 48, said he heard something, thought he was having a nightmare, then went back to sleep. Later, he heard Wallace groaning, and found him lying in his recliner bleeding profusely.

Proffitt said the culprit or culprits appeared to have gained entry through a window.





- It Took the Police 3 1/2 Weeks to Arrest the Killers ! -

Stephen Sterling - Age 21

This Window is reserved for the Black

 males who murdered George L. Wallace.





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A Google News Search (George Wallace beaten st petersburg) turned up only seven articles - all from Tampa and St. Petersburg. This clearly indicates that not only is the national media not interested in this story, but also the state and regional media have no interest. And, although the police do not have any suspects, you don't have to be Sherlock Holmes to deduce that two or three Black males (probably 2), ages 17 to 19, who live in the Mid-Town area of St. Petersburg, committed this Home Invasion and murder. I would estimate that at least one of them lives within a 1/2 mile radius of where the car was abandoned. This narrows things down considerably! How many 17 to 19-year-olds can there be in that area?


Furthermore, it is likely that the police have either fingerprints or DNA evidence from either Mr. Wallace's home or from his car. It would be a simple matter if the police could collect DNA samples from  - and/or fingerprint - all of the 17 to 19 years olds within that half-mile radius, but the police cannot legally do that. They have to have reasonable suspicion that someone committed the crime. Of course, if the perpetrators have a record, which is likely, they have been fingerprinted, and all the police would have to do is match up the prints. But if all the police have is DNA evidence, they cannot legally collect DNA samples from people. Another possibility to catch the killers would be for the police to hand out flyers in the area where the victim's car was abandoned announcing a $5,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the perpetrators - I'd bet that they would have the killers within 24 hours! Otherwise, the investigation will just drag on and will cost the City of St. Petersburg many times that amount (possibly hundreds-of-thousands of dollars), and, it's possible that they will never catch the killers.


"Home Invasion" is emerging as the new "crime-of-preference" for Black criminals. The perpetrators of the Richmond Massacre committed at least two Home Invasions; Betty Jean Sweet was killed in a Home Invasion; and Damon Womble was killed during a Home Invasion. And, of course, the infamous Wichita Massacre of the year 2000 was a Home Invasion. Young Black males are getting bolder and bolder in committing crimes. They are also gravitating toward easier types of crime. Auto theft is a good example: stealing a car used to be a simple matter in the days when hoods didn't lock, and when all you had to do was know how to hook up a jumper wire. But then came "locking hoods" and sophisticated, "electronic ignitions" and door locks. But, just as a virus will mutate, Blacks mutated into carjacking - holding a gun on the driver when the car was already running. What could be easier. And it suited the ruthless, sociopathic mentality of many young Black males, who often demonstrate a total disregard for life. If the driver did not immediately surrender the car, the Black male would shoot him on the spot. Carjacking became epidemic in the late 1980s.


And now that gas stations are mostly owned by Arabs, who will fight back, and banks and convenience stores all have security video-cameras, the Blacks have mutated into "Home Invasion." Again - what could be easier! Robbing a small business meant risking getting shot, or videotaped. Whereas, in a Home Invasion, what chance do homeowners have against one or two Blacks with a gun? Especially if the victims are either unarmed, or women, or elderly, or small in stature. And then, what if there are two Blacks and they are big and powerful, like Ray Dandridge and Ricky Gray, or Reginald and Jonathan Carr. What could be easier? No video cameras, no armed store-clerks, no store-customers, no passers-by. And again, the sociopathic nature of many young Black males, whereby they are willing to kill people at the drop of a hat, fits in nicely with the crime of Home Invasion. They break into a house not caring if someone is at home - they'll just kill them; the same as in carjacking - just kill them.


From the perspective of White criminals, the non-personal crimes of car theft and burglary, which have often been brought to a "fine-art form" in the hands of White criminals, now, in the hands of primitive, sociopathic Blacks, have been converted from "fine art" into ruthless slaughter. Additionally, since people aren't out walking around that much anymore, especially after dark, since everyone is concerned about getting robbed by Black males, Black criminals are finding it increasingly difficult to find any White victimes for a simple street robbery - so the Black criminals are forced to go where the people are - to their homes. From the perspective of the criminal, it's logical. The Home Invaders have plenty of time to bludgeon you and kill you, to slit your throat, to rape you, to hang you from a basement beam - they have all the privacy and all the time in the world. Then, they can take whatever possessions you have, and, to top it off, they can even take your vehicle to carry off their booty and to make their getaway.


In the days when Blacks discovered carjacking people lived in terror, and now, what with the recent emergence of Black criminals mutating into Home Invasion, that terror will be escalated. Gun sales have risen dramatically in the Savannah, Georgia area, since the murder of Jennifer Ross. If I had a few extra thousand bucks, I wouldn't hesitate buying stock in the Smith and Wesson Firearms Corporation. A new era of domestic terrorism is descending over America, and only those who are well-prepared will have a chance of surviving. Lock your windows, lock your doors, have a cell phone near at all times, install a burglar alarm, get a watchdog, and buy a handgun. Don't leave your garage door open, and don't answer your door to strangers. Don't fall for any ruse to get you to open your door to a stranger, such as "their car is broken down and they just want to use the phone," or that they "just want directions." If a stranger knocks, get your gun and get ready to flee out the back door. Or take a stand by the front door, ready to shoot whoever tries to break in. I am not exaggerating.


Black crime and terror have forced people to move out of the cites and into the suburbs and rural areas. We have all had to drastically change the way we live because of Black crime. And now, the Blacks are coming after us where we live - where we have fled to, where we thought we would be safe. But, we are no longer safe anywhere - unless we live in a so-called "gated community." The people of America have lived in fear of the Blacks ever since the Blacks were given their freedom. It looks as though their freedom has meant our terror, and it looks as though Blacks cannot handle freedom. The Black terror that we have been living under has gradually increased since after the Second World War, and we are now entering an era, which can only be described as one of domestic terrorism and anarchy. Prepare yourself now, so as to ensure the security and safety of you and your family.


Yours Faithfully, Liberty

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