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- Black Youth Kill Jennifer Ross ! -


Jennifer Ross - Age 19

Domestic Terrorism In Savannah, Georgia !


The Three Black Males are Still At large !!


The Victim: Jennifer Ross

Jennifer was shot on December 24, 2005, at 3:00 a.m. She had gone out with friends on Friday evening, December 23rd, to a formal dance, and they were returning home in the early hours of the morning. She was walking with three friends across Orleans Square when they were approached by three youth. One of the youth hit her friend, Brett Findley, 19, with a pistol and another tried to take Ross' purse. There was a struggle and some shots were fired. One bullet struck Jennifer in her lower back. She was taken to Memorial Health University Medical Center where she underwent several surgeries. She died on Sunday, January 1, 2006, nine days after the incident.

One of the victims and witnesses described the suspects as three black males wearing dark clothing, with hoods over their heads. Their physical descriptions varied in heights ranging fromfive-feet nine-inches to six feet. Ross was a sophomore at Mercer University. She was a graduate of Savannah Country Day School. Jennifer Ross' godmother, Helen Stone, is a County Commissioner.



January 4, 2006 Update

Finally: The White People of the Savannah metro-Area are taking a Stand against the Black Majority in Savannah !!

Savannah Mayor, Dr. Otis Johnson, Threatens White Community

At an emergency forum on Tuesday, January 3, 2006, in the Savannah Desoto Hilton Atrium, in the wake of Jennifer Ross' murder over Christmas, 175 people gathered to discuss Black crime in Savannah. The forum, called "Take Back Savannah," clearly demonstrated what everyone is already aware of: Savannah is a denizen of crime and violence and, the Savannah metro-area is clearly divided along racial lines. The Black mayor, Dr. Otis Johnson, and the racially, deadlocked City Council (4 Black & 4 White Councilmen), all of whom attended the forum, have been ineffective in dealing with Black crime. I refer to it as Black crime, because the overwhelming majority of the crime committed in Savannah is committed by Blacks.


As long as the Black community keeps the crime and violence to themselves, the White community only winces and shudders, and avoids going into Savannah whenever possible. As political consultant David Simons put is last week, "People generally don't care as much when "crack heads" shoot each other." But when the Blacks start killing Whites, especially young and innocent Whites of social and political standing (Jennifer's godmother, Stone, is a Chatham County commissioner), the local White establishment not only gets upset, but they rally their forces and confront the Black leaders. The killing of Jennifer Ross has caused just such a reaction - this murder has served as the straw that broke the camel's back. The White community has had it, not just with Black crime, but also with Black delusion, Black denial, and Black incompetence. The White establishment in the Savannah, Georgia metro-area is ready to take a stand against the Black majority in Savannah, and, by the looks of it, this could set a precedent for the rest of the country.


The White establishment has begun their attack

The White community is having a difficult time getting the Black community to admit that there is a problem with Black crime; in light of this reality, the newly formed community task force, "Save Our Savannah," began its list of recommendations to mayor Johnson and the City Council, with a very elementary proposition: "Admitting to a crime problem." This is, of course, the first step in solving any problem, and it is the first hurdle that has to be overcome by people with addictions, such as alcoholics, drug abusers, and gambling addicts. At this point, one has to ask the question "Why?" Why did this ad hoc committee find it necessary to start out at such an elementary level, when one is supposedly dealing with professional politicians who must be cognizant of the fact that there is indeed a "crime problem."


I have concluded that the answer lies in the fact that the problem is not just a general "crime problem," it is, rather, a "Black crime problem." And since the majority of the inhabitants of Savannah are black (57%), and the mayor is Black, and four of the eight City Councilmen are Black, the Blacks do not want to admit to the fact that we have a "Black crime problem," because this would put the focus on the Black community, where it belongs - and the Blacks don't want that. And therein lies the rub.


The White community found it necessary to sit down with the Black community and look them in the eye and say: "Admit that you have a crime problem. You, the Black community, have a problem with crime and the first step to solving this problem is to admit that it exists. You cannot go on like this, because you are not only bringing yourself down, but you are bringing the rest of us down with you. Mayor Otis Johnson addressed the meeting in a stern and measured voice; he said he was there to listen. He said the city would reveal what it has been doing, as well as its plan for the future, at the January, 25th Town Hall Meeting. Mayor Johnson said: "All we can do is tell you that we [the mayor's office and the Savannah City Council] take this issue very seriously now, we have taken this issue seriously from day one, we took it seriously during the campaign," he said. "I hope this will maintain itself, and six months from now you will be as energized and committed to fighting crime as you are tonight." But later, the mayor had more to say.


At a private, in-town retreat for the Mayor and the City Council, the mayor openly spoke his mind. In reference to a statement made by political consultant David Simons last week, in which Simons said people generally don't care as much when "crack heads" shoot each other, mayor Johnson had this to say: "We've got people making statements that are not being received well by the black community," Johnson said during an in-town retreat by the Savannah City Council. "If this crap continues, they are going to see an Otis Johnson that is negative, they are going to see someone they haven't seen since the 1970s."


 And, he made it clear that he did not want to hear any insinuations that we have a Black crime problem. He cursed publicly, saying that he didn't want to hear any more of this "crap" about nobody caring if one crack-head kills another. He threatened the White community that he was going to get angry. This is a typical Black intimidating trick. Well, we have had it with Black threats and intimidation - either the Blacks admit that there is a Black crime problem and earnestly start doing something about it, or we, the White people of this country, will. As far as Savannah is concerned: I think that it is clearly time for the White community in Chatham County and the State of Georgia to take over control of Savannah. The Blacks are not capable of running a city. Look at Philadelphia, look at Detroit, New Orleans - Gary, Indiana - Cleveland - Newark, New Jersey. Look at Haiti, look at Africa.


When Savannah Mayor Otis Johnson ran for office, people called him "angry."

Tuesday, he threatened to really get angry and negative if divisive language continues in the wake of the shooting death of 19-year-old Jennifer Ross.


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Savannah, Georgia Mayor

Dr. Otis Johnson

"My fear is that if we are not careful we're going to polarize the community..."

He's Worried About Polarizing The Community When People Are Being Shot Dead on the Streets.


Facts About Savannah, Georgia


The population of Savannah, Georgia is 127,500. It is 57.08% Black and 38.86% White. Because of the general high crime rate among Blacks, it can be expected that a city that is majority Black will have a high crime rate. It can also be expected that the government of Savannah has strong Black representation, and it has. The mayor, Dr. Otis Johnson, is a Black, and four of the eight City Council members are Black. Dr. Otis has been a college professor who earned his Masters Degree in Social Work from Clark Atlanta University and his Ph.D. from the Heller School of Social Policy and Management at Brandeis University.


Savannah is the county seat of Chatham County, which has a population of 232,048: the racial makeup of the county is 55.28% White and 40.50% Black.


In the wake of Jennifer Ross' death, an ad hoc "resident task force," formed largely through the efforts of Jennifer's relatives, in tandem with the Chatham County Commission, which is controlled by White people, convened an emergency meeting to address the problem of Black crime in the city of Savannah. About 150 people attended the meeting - the vast majority of them White.

Both groups, the resident task force and the Chatham County Commission, jointly submitted a list of recommendations on "how to combat Black crime in Savannah," to the Savannah City Council and the Mayor's office. The "Save Our Savannah" plan was outlined at a news conference Monday, a day after Jennifer Ross, 19, died at Memorial Health University Medical Center.

Both groups called Monday for Chatham County sheriff's deputies to patrol Savannah city streets; the commission also called for 600 more jail cells and police pay-raises to help combat what they say is a crime spike. Putting all of the code words and pleasantries aside, what the two groups are, in effect, recommending, is that the only way to control Black crime in Savannah is to have it patrolled by the largely White, Chatham Country sheriff's deputies.

The "Save Our Savannah" plan includes: (As published in the Savannah Morning News.)

Admitting to a crime problem. [This first point is addressed clearly to the Blacks in Savannah who evidently will not even admit that there is a crime problem. This situation exists all over the country.]

Developing a citizens' action plan, which includes providing information, developing crime statistics and fundraising for community involvement.

Creating a legislative action plan, including addressing officer vacancies with a police recruiter, reducing officer training, contracting security to assist in police patrols and increasing officer pay.

Group member and County Commissioner Helen Stone, who is Jennifer Ross' godmother, also asked for removing state prisoners from the county jail.

Creating a media action plan by working with local news outlets to develop and report on "meaningful" crime statistics. [Note that the word "meaningful" is in quotes. This may well mean that the media does not inform the public that Blacks have committed a crime.]

Reforming the juvenile justice system, including bringing more state Department of Juvenile Justice funds to the county and implementing a mentoring program.

"This is a time of shear disaster," said political consultant David Simons, who called the meeting. "We can't solve it all, but we can make some meaningful, measurable steps to reduce, eradicate violent crime downtown." [Finally someone uses the word "downtown." In other words, the problem is to combat crime in downtown Savannah, in a city that is 57% Black.]

Mayor Otis Johnson said Monday evening, he had not seen the plan. [Translated - the Black mayor doesn't want to talk about some silly plan concocted by a group of White residents.]

"My fear is that if we are not careful we're going to polarize the community and we will be worse off than we are now," he said. [That's rich! Polarize the community! Why does he think that most of the Whites have moved out of Savannah - the community is already polarized. And then the mayor says "...we will be worse off than we are now." The veiled threat here is that the White community is not allowed to bring attention to the fact that Blacks are committing so much crime, lest they aggravate the Blacks which will only cause them to commit more crime.]

The mayor said he and council were open to any citizen recommendations "on how we can improve public safety.'' [This is, of course, very big of him.]

"We are not going to re-invent the wheel,' Johnson said, citing efforts already underway to implement recommendations by his public safety task force. [How many more people have to be killed before the mayor and city council "implement" some of these recommendations?]

"I would argue that many of those things have already been studied," added Rolfe Glover, chairman of the mayor's task force. [Fine - then do something about it; don't just sit on your hands.]

Most of the suggestions have already been recommended and some have already been initiated. [Oh, really! Which suggestions have been initiated? Has the mayor admitted, for example, that there is a crime problem?]

Savannah-Chatham Metropolitan Police spokesman, Sgt. Mike Wilson, said Interim Chief Willie Lovett Will unveil his crime strategies at a later date. [At a later date? When? When a few more dozen White people are killed?]





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Situations like these exist across the whole country: Blacks drive White people out of cities because of their aggressive and violent nature; the Whites move to the suburbs and out into the county to get away from the Blacks. Then the Blacks take over the government and police force of the city, but they are not able to control their fellow Blacks' natural proclivity to commit all types of crime, including, of course, violent crime. At this point, the White people have to attempt to take back control from the inept Blacks. The Whites do this by trying to have the county (and the state), in which the big city is located, take over more of the operating control of the big city. The Blacks resent this move and fight against it.


Before the situation evolves to the point described above, many Whites have to lose their life. One might say that many White lives have to be sacrificed. Jennifer's uncle, Adger Ross, a member of the ad hoc "resident task force," put it this way: "Let's make sure this senseless crime is not a waste." How many people, before Mr. Ross, have made this same statement, and how many more will make it, before the White people of America start voting governments into power, which will enact provisions mandating that county and state governments take over control of such cities, when the crime rate reaches a certain level.


Just for the record: ten days after the shooting, a Yahoo search turned up two articles, as did a Google search. The White community of Savannah, Georgia is up in arms, the Black community is screaming racism, and the national controlled media is absolutely silent.

Yours Faithfully, Liberty

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