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Fabian Brown 


Fabian Brown - Age 20

Rapheal L. Willis 


Raphael L. Willis - Age 19


- Black Males Hunt Down White Bicyclist -


- No Mention of This Being A "Hate Crime" -


The Thrill Killers: Fabian Brown and Raphael L. Willis


On November 20, 2005 in Kansas City, Missouri, the Black male, Fabian Brown killed Robert W. Osborn with a shotgun. Fabian Brown and Raphael Willis said they were bored Sunday morning, and at about 5:15 am they decided to kill someone to break up the boredom. The two Black males took their shotgun, got into a Honda Civic and drove off looking for prey. Raphael Willis drove and Fabian Brown held the shotgun.


They spotted a woman driving alone and thought about killing her, and then robbing her. But then Robert Osborn, 43, rode by on his bicycle. It was now about 5:45 am and Mr. Osborn was returning home from his midnight-shift job as a stocker at the Hy-Vee Supermarket located at U.S. 40 and Noland Road in Independence, Missouri, which borders on Kansas City.


According to court documents, Willis told police that he stopped the car and Fabian Brown got out and fired the shotgun at Osborn, but missed. Brown became angry, Willis told police, and the two men drove past Osborn. The court documents go on to say that Brown fired a second shot, but missed again. They drove farther, and Brown got out and hid behind a tree, according to the court documents.


When Osborn passed, the gunman fired one more shot, striking Osborn in the back of the head. Willis told police that Brown approached Osborn, kicked his body, and seeing no response, got back into the car. Then the two men fled the scene. According to the court filing, Brown was watching a newscast about the killing when he told another person details about the killing, including how Osborn fell onto his bike and down to the ground.


A check of Willis’ background showed that he has worked for Kansas City’s Water Services Department since last December. Jackson County Circuit Court records showed that Willis had protection orders filed against him in December and January by the mother of a girl he had dated. He allegedly harassed the 17-year-old girl by phone and in person, according to the allegations made in court records. The woman who filed the protection orders declined to comment Wednesday. Raphael Willis has been ordered held without bond. The bond for Fabian Brown has been set at $500,000.


“This was a completely random murder, and they were just looking for someone to kill,” said Kansas City police Sgt. David Bernard. “…Their first plan was they were going to find a house, ring the doorbell and, whoever answered the door, they were going to shoot.” Kansas City police on Wednesday said they are looking into whether the killing of Osborn is similar to another murder and at least two other random shootings this year. Investigators suspect that those crimes, too, were committed for “fun.” Police declined to release specific information about the other crimes. No charges had been filed in connection with those other crimes.



Robert W. Osborn

Robert Osborn


Robert W. Osborn



The Victim: Robert W. Osborn

Robert Osborn, age 43, held life in a higher regard, [than his killers] family members said. He sought adventure and climbed mountains in Colorado and traveled to Egypt to see the pyramids. His intellectual side spurred curiosity and he earned his pilot’s license and joined the Civil Air Patrol. Those traits showed up at the Hy-Vee Supermarket where Osborn worked for the past 18 months. Paul Hoppman, store director, said he didn’t think Osborn had missed a single day of work. “He was a hard-working individual, honestly liked by everybody,” he said.


Hoppman added that Osborn was smart and intensely curious. Each time Osborn encountered a new item in the store, Hoppman said, he would go onto the computer on his break to research its ingredients, uses and history. (Comment: Robert Osborn was an honest, decent, hard-working and diligent man. He was earning an honest living, working midnights and riding a bicycle to work, possibly to save money and stay fit. The two perpetrators who took his life should either be sentenced to life in prison without parole, or they should receive capital punishment.)


The store is providing the family with meals for Thanksgiving, as well as paying for the funeral and a floral spray for the casket. “That helped with our own healing process, to be able to do that for the family,” Hoppman said. Ron Osborn, a brother, said that it was a relief to hear that the police had made the arrests. “But it’s disgusting, it’s unbelievable that people would think so little of a person’s life.” Robert Osborn was buried on Sunday, November 27,  2005.


See Original articles - all three have photos - the lower one has video







One hundred and ninety miles from Wichita, Kansas, where the Carr brothers executed four White people on December 15, 2000, two Black males wantonly hunted down and killed a White man on Sunday, November 20, 2005 - for no other reason than, by their own admission, that they wanted to kill someone. There was no mention of this killing on the national news; there was probably no mention of it outside of the Kansas City metropolitan area.


If two White males had killed a minority in this manner, it would most certainly have been a featured item in the national news; and it would have undoubtedly been referred to as a "likely hate crime." But in this case, no mention of the term "hate crime" has been made at all, at this point.


And with this killing a new term has been added to the English language: "Thrill Kill." A "Thrill Kill" is killing someone just for the fun of it. The Black culture has an inclination to shorten words, to employ assimilation and to rhyme; it's a form of Black self expression - it's part of Ebonics. And killing has become another form that Black males use to express themselves. Just as the Eskimos have several terms for the different kinds of snow that they experience, since snow is such a big part of their culture, the Blacks have come to employ different expressions for killing, since killing has become such a big part of their culture.


"Capping" someone, for example, means a quick shooting of someone with a pistol. One of the news anchors at station KCTV5 used the longer term "Thrill Killing," but the other news anchor used the abbreviated form, "Thrill Kill" which showed that he was more conversant in the current vernacular of  America's Black culture. I'm sure that we'll hear this term again.


Additionally, this case raises some questions concerning the victim's actions as the two Black Males were pursuing him.  Robert Osborn was an intelligent person. He appears to have been strong and fit; why then didn't he go in the opposite direction after he was shot at the first time. After all, the assailant fired two shots at him with a shotgun and missed before he finally hit him the third time; and each time the assailants had to reposition themselves by driving past Osborn and laying in wait for him. Or was there perhaps enough traffic at this time that Mr. Osborn thought that the shotgun blasts were a car or a truck backfiring? Maybe he didn't know that they were in a car and that they were driving past him each time to reposition themselves.


And, didn't he carry a cell phone? We shall perhaps never know the answers to these questions. [We have just learned that Robert Osborn was wearing headphones and evidently listening to loud music while he was riding his bicycle home from work, and it was for this reason that he didn't hear the gunshots. The lesson to be learned here is clear: do not wear headphones while you are out in public, whether you are walking, jogging, riding a bicycle or a motorcycle, driving your car, or whatever you are doing, when you are out in public, or even in your own yards, it is in your best interest to constantly be aware of your surroundings. Your life may depend on it.]


Everyone should always carry a cell phone with them for emergency purposes, if for no other reason. As long as you have battery power, cell phones can be used to dial the police emergency number, 911, even if your pre-paid card or your allotted time has been used. There are organizations, for example, senior citizens' organizations, that will provide seniors with cell phones for emergency use. But you must make sure that your battery is charged up. Always take it with you - it could save your life.


To sum up: this case will probably continue to be blacked-out by the media outside of the Kansas City metropolitan area. And again, it is only because someone from the Kansas City area took the time to post articles on two other White Rights' websites that this author became aware of this case. I would like to urge all of you to post articles of serious crimes committed by minorities in your area on White Rights' websites. (Serious crimes committed by Whites are always given national coverage.) This is the only way that the White population now has of staying informed about the extent and types of minority crime, especially Black crime, being committed.


This information is crucial to us - we need it so that we will know what we must do in order to protect ourselves and our families and friends. The types of crimes being committed is always changing; now we have to be on guard against the "Thrill Kill," which means that we always have to be vigilant and on the lookout for Black male predators, no matter where we are or what we are doing.


Many of you can remember back to 1984 when the new term "Carjacking" entered the English language - this type of crime was originated by Blacks in Detroit, Michigan, and then it spread like wildfire across the country. There are already indications that "Thrill Killing" by Black males is spreading across the whole country. The Wichita and Kilgore massacres are two examples. This type of senseless violence is evidently a manifestation of the African-American mentality - many of them have a surly, primitive attitude toward the outside world, with a complete disregard, and ruthlessness toward other human beings (even their own kind), and now, especially against White people.


The reason for this senseless violence and killing can be long debated, and we will gradually join that debate in this forum. For now, let me only remind our readers that being well-informed is the only way that we will be able to adequately protect ourselves. One thing we know for sure is that Black-male violence is increasing and it is becoming more deadly. Remember to post cases of minority crime from your area on White Rights' websites, to check your emergency cell phone's battery regularly, and always be vigilant.


Yours Faithfully, Liberty 

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