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- American Sailor Kills Japanese Woman ! -


- The Confessed Killer -


William Oliver Reese Jr. - Age 21

Pittsgrove Township, New Jersey



- The Black Male Stalks His Prey ! -


Japanese investigators have released a surveillance tape that clearly shows William Reese Jr. stalking 56-year-old Yoshie Sato, who was beaten so badly that she eventually died of a ruptured liver and kidney.



- Wm Reese Jr. Hides from News media ! -

- Military Police Handed Reese Over to Japanese Authorities -


- William Reese Sr. is Delusional ! -

Reese's Father gives a typical Black response:

"I think this is a set-up," said his father, William Reese Sr. "My son isn't that kind of person. What does he want to do with a 50-year-old woman anyway?"

And a Black Neighbor had this to say:

A neighbor of the Reeses, Donna Ferguson, told The Star-Ledger that the sailor was being accused "only because he's an American."

"It's malarkey," Ferguson said yesterday. "I don't think what the boy's been accused of happened."

- This is Typical Black Delusional Thinking - They Are Living in a Different World ! -



Details of the Crime

On Tuesday, January 3, 2006, in Yokosuko, Japan, Seaman William Oliver Reese Jr., 21, robbed and killed a Japanese woman, Yoshie Sato, 56, by punching and kicking her in the face and stomach. He beat her so badly that she died of liver and kidney failure. Reese is a 2004 graduate of Schalick High School, in the Norma area of South Jersey.

The US military in Japan handed over Reese to the Kanagawa Prefectural Police on January 7, four days after Yoshie Sato was robbed and killed. Japanese authorities say Reese robbed Yoshie Sato of 15,000 yen ($129) on Yokosuka Street near the US naval base, 45 km southwest of Tokyo. Japanese media reports say Mrs. Sato was attacked while on her way to work. She was found beaten and unconscious, and died later of internal injuries.

Reese's father, William Reese Sr., told NBC 10 News that he can't believe his son killed someone.

"Does that look like the face of a murderer?" Reese Sr. asked, showing NBC 10 reporter Jason Pizzi a picture of his son in uniform.

"I think this is a set-up," said his father, William Reese Sr. "My son isn't that kind of person. What does he want to do with a 50-year-old woman anyway?"

He spoke at the family's home in the Norma area of Pittsgrove in South Jersey and said he knew nothing of the charges.

"I need time to think about this, and I need time to process this," he said.

The gruesome crime took place in the city of Yokosuka, the site of the naval base about 30 miles southwest of Tokyo.

U.S. military authorities handed Reese over to Yokosuka police and said they will continue to cooperate in the investigation.

"The U.S. Navy's responsibility to see this matter through to its rightful conclusion does not end here," said Rear Adm. James Kelly, the commander of U.S. naval forces in Japan.

The seaman was based on the aircraft carrier USS Kitty Hawk and has been in Japan since May 2004, navy officials said.

He has been in the Navy for about two years and Japan was his first assignment, according to the Navy.

The case could inflame local opposition to plans for an American military airstrip in Okinawa and a base for a U.S. nuclear-powered warship at Yokosuka.

Reflecting the sensitivity of the case, the U.S. Embassy issued a statement Friday expressing regret for the crime.

"The U.S. military and the American people are deeply shocked and saddened by this event," U.S. Ambassador Thomas Schieffer said.

In 1995, uproar over the rape of a 12-year-old girl by three U.S. servicemen [all Blacks] on Okinawa triggered massive protests and led to the relocation of an air base to a less densely populated part of the island.

The rape case also resulted in an agreement with the U.S. military that it would hand over American suspects in serious crimes to Japanese authorities for pre-indictment investigation.

A neighbor of the Reeses, Donna Ferguson, told The Star- Ledger that the sailor was being accused "only because he's an American."

"It's malarkey," Ferguson said yesterday. "I don't think what the boy's been accused of happened."

Reese is the fifth member of the U.S. military handed over to Japanese authorities since 1995, after an agreement allowing the transfer of criminal suspects in Japan to local authorities.




- A Stand-in for The Victim -

This is A Model


A Photograph of Yoshie Sato has Not Been Published

Yokosuka City, Japan




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A Google News Search (william reese jr sailor japan) turned up only fourteen articles, most of them from the New Jersey area, and four of them were from the Philippines and an Asian publication. An incident such as this one is extremely important and likely will have serious repercussions for America's military relationship with Japan. Unlike the USA, Japan does not take crime lightly. Killing a woman at random on the public street is a very serious offense. Perhaps the reaction of the Japanese public to this incident will have a sobering effect on Americans, who have come to deal with murders by Black males in a very off-hand way.


I don't think the law-enforcement authorities in Japan will say anything similar to what the Chief of Police of Cocoa, Florida, said, after a 17-year-old Black male gunned down Christy Sanford in her friend's driveway on January 24, 2006: "In a lot of these cases, what happens is that people do reflex things out of anger or whatever." One wonders whether Cocoa Police Chief, Phil Ludoz would have the same cavalier observation to make about Yoshie Sato. One wonders if Yoshie Sato did something to provoke William Reese - maybe some "reflex thing out of anger or whatever."


Maybe we should send Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton over to Japan to instruct the Japanese on the proper way to respond to Black males when they want to rob or rape you. You certainly don't want to do anything to anger them lest they become enraged and really become violent - just give them what they want. Our current national philosophy of appeasement toward the Blacks, on all levels, whether it be crime, jobs, government jobs, affirmative action, discrimination law suits, or whatever it is - just give them what they want lest they become angry, because if a Black male becomes angry he will likely become violent and that would be worse than just giving them what they want. Evidently, the word hasn't gotten over to Japan yet.


Another aspect of this crime is that William Reese Jr., just as his father said, does not appear to be the type of a person who would kill someone. If he had the appearance of a Ray Dandridge or a Ricky Gray, or many of the other Black males found on our list of perpetrators, one would not be surprised to learn that such an individual had killed someone. But the boyish, passive looking William Reese Jr. - a member of the United States Navy representing America in a highly developed country? The conclusion that must be drawn here is that - if even the harmless, boyish, passive looking Black males are capable of such wanton violence, then we are really in for a lot of trouble. And this is another strong indication that wanton violence is an ingrained, likely genetic, part of the Black male personality.


As the old saying goes: "Time will tell." And what time is presently telling us is that Black-male violence will continue to increase to such a point that the whole of the American population will be living in fear and terror. When things get to that point, we will either have to institute a system of very strict law and order, or we will have to resign ourselves to living in a state of anarchy. I think we would be better off if we started doing something about this situation right now! Be sure to vote for politicians who advocate law and order - it's our only hope.


Yours Faithfully, Liberty

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