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- Nashville, TN: Black Males Kill Man During Carjacking ! -

Deonvelt Miller


Deonvelt Miller - Age 16

Second Person Arrested In Murder of Music Row Employee



Anthony Lateze Robinson - Age 18


- Total National Mainstream-Media Blackout ! -


- The Confessed Killers -

The Killers: Deonvelt Miller and Anthony Lateze Robinson


Deonvelt Miller is a 16-year-old sophomore (10th-grader), who attends Maplewood High School. Deonvelt Miller and Lateze Robinson have both confessed to the armed, attempted carjacking and the killing of Eric Scott Mansfield, and to a separate carjacking in east Nashville that took place minutes afterward. Miller was arrested on December 7, 2005, without incident at his 2160 Rock-City-Street home and charged at Juvenile Court with criminal homicide, aggravated robbery and two counts of unlawful weapon possession. Investigators regarded him as a suspect early on, but it was a tip called into Crime Stoppers that led to his arrest, police said. Millerís detention hearing was held at 2:30 p.m. Friday, December 9, 2005.

The testimony against Miller was enough for Metro Juvenile Court Referee Michael O'Neil to decide to detain him until his trial. Prosecutors are asking that he be tried as an adult. A January 20th hearing may determine whether Miller should be prosecuted as an adult in Criminal Court, as opposed to Juvenile Court. Miller's case comes as prosecutors are witnessing a big increase in gun-crimes committed by juveniles, Davidson County Assistant District Attorney Jeff Burks said.

After Deonvelt Miller's detention hearing, three of his former basketball coaches spoke outside the Juvenile Justice Center about the teen's rising athletic star and how he had shown no signs of problems while traveling and playing. "We've supported Deonvelt Miller since he was a young child," said Ed Wisdom "We're here again to support him. Certainly, we don't want to ignore the tragic incident of Eric Mansfield losing his life. We sympathize with his family and his friends."




The Neighborhood of East Nashville, Tennessee


East Nashville is a downtown section of Nashville, Tennessee, located just east of the Cumberland River. Most of the White people moved out of this area when the Blacks moved in during the 60s, 70s and 80s. The Whites took flight because of the aggression and violence that are so much a part of the Black culture. But, after race relations cooled down some, and after the Blacks had destroyed a large percentage of the houses, so that not even the Blacks would live in them, certain Whites started moving back into the east Nashville area. The movement is still referred to as "urban pioneering," because these returning Whites have had to deal with the crime and violence that are endemic to areas where Blacks live. But the pioneering Whites were not the typical family consisting of mother, father and children. The new Whites didn't usually have children, which meant that they didn't have to worry about the quality of the schools.


Most of these new Whites were (and still are) homosexual men, who most often do not have children living with them. These homosexual men often have good-paying jobs and can afford to buy the large, older houses, many of which have stood empty for some time and are in dire need of repair. The homosexuals even have enough money to renovate these once majestic homes. But, there is a down-side to this gentrification, to this urban pioneering of our once hospitable cities. The dominant culture is now African American and this means aggression and violence. One would think that the new pioneers would be armed and always on guard ready to defend themselves against Black male aggression, but no - the homosexual pioneers are unarmed and they are no match for the ruthless, terrorist Black males, who are constantly prowling the streets. It comes then as no surprise that homosexual men are frequently victims of aggression, and that not all too infrequently, one of them must pay the ultimate price for their pioneering spirit.


- Why Is This Not A Hate Crime ? ! -



Eric Scott Mansfield - Age 33


The White Victim: Eric Scott Mansfield


To begin with, it should be stated that the fact that Eric Mansfield was a homosexual has no bearing on our views concerning random murder. The owners of this website do not approve of homosexuality, whereas, on the other hand, we are outraged by wanton, random, terrorist murder. As the reader knows, we are very concerned about the extent of crime being committed by Blacks and other non-Whites against the White people of America. This crime was committed on November 11, 2005, in east Nashville, Tennessee, and the arrest of Deonvelt Miller was made on December 7, 2005. A  hearing will be held on January 20, 2006 to determine whether Deonvelt Miller should be prosecuted as an adult in Criminal Court, as opposed to Juvenile Court.


The second confessed perpetrator, Anthony Lateze Robinson, 18, was arrested Monday morning, December 12, 2005. Deonvelt Miller told police who his accomplice was. Robinson, of 705 High Rigger Court, surrendered to police on December 12; the charges are criminal homicide and robbery. Robinson's bond was set at $200,000. Both Black males brandished handguns during the carjackings.


Firstly, here is a brief synopsis of the case: On November 11, 2005, Mr. Mansfield was driving home from his job as a Warner Brothers' Records executive (Director of Creative Services) to his home in east Nashville, Tennessee; he called his homosexual partner to let him know that he would be home in about five minutes. Since he knew that a plumber was to be at their house that day, he asked his partner, David Miller (no relation to Deonvelt Miller), if he would be able to park in the driveway. David informed him that the plumber was still there, that the plumber's van was parked in the driveway, and that Eric would have to find a parking spot on the street somewhere.


Eric drove through the close-by streets looking for a parking spot; when he got to the intersection of Chapel and Greenwood Avenues, two Black male youths approached his car - both brandished handguns; Deonvelt Miller approached the driver's side and pointed a gun at him. When Eric Mansfield realized that this was a carjacking attempt, he accelerated; Deonvelt Miller fired a single shot at Eric Mansfield, which ripped through the lower part of Mansfield's heart, tore through his left lung and lodged in his spine. He managed to pull over to the side of the road, where he died in his car.


In the meantime, David went out to check to see what was keeping Eric. He got in his car and drove around the neighborhood until he found Eric's silver, Volkswagen Jetta parked at the side of the road. Attempts to resuscitate Eric were in vain.



Nashville Police Department Media Release

The Following Media Release was made by the Metro Nashville Police Department

December 7, 2005

A tip to Crime Stoppers ultimately led to todayís arrest of the gunman who killed Warner Brothers Records employee Eric Mansfield in East Nashville on the night of November 11.
Deonvelt Miller, 16, a 10th grader at Maplewood High School, was arrested without incident at his 2160 Rock City Street home. He is charged at Juvenile Court with criminal homicide, aggravated robbery and two counts of unlawful weapon possession. Millerís detention hearing is set for 2:30 p.m. Friday.

Mansfield, 33, Warner Brothers Recordsí Director of Creative Services, was fatally wounded while behind the wheel of his silver Volkswagen Jetta at the intersection of Chapel and Greenwood Avenues, not far from his home.

In his statement to detectives, Miller said that he intended to rob Mansfield and take his car. Miller said that when Mansfield stopped at the intersection, he walked into the street in front of the Volkswagen with pistol in hand. Miller said Mansfield accelerated in an effort to get away. Miller fired a shot. Mansfield drove a short distance before pulling to the side of Chapel Avenue between Douglas and McKennie Avenues. He was found unresponsive by his housemate at 7:25 p.m. on November 11.

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Gay Newspaper Reports Killing of a Fellow Gay

The Following Article was published on December 7, 2005 by the homosexual publication "Out & About Newspaper." Eric Mansfield's homosexual partner, David Miller, writes for this publication.

by: Jerry Jones, Out & About Newspaper

NASHVILLE, Tenn. - A 16-year-old Maplewood High School student was arrested and charged with the murder of Eric Scott Mansfield Wednesday.

Metro Police Wednesday arrested Dion Miller, a 10th grader at Maplewood, after a tip from CrimeStoppers. Miller was later arraigned in Juvenile Court. A $27,000 reward was offered through CrimeStoppers for the arrest and convention of Mansfield's murderer. Warner Brother Records ($25,000), Out & About Newspaper ($1,000) and CrimeStoppers ($1,000) each contributed to the reward money.

Metro Police have said the motive in the murder was robbery and that Mansfield was a random victim.

"We have Miller in custody and he will be charged with the murder of Eric Scott Mansfield," said Don Aaron, police spokesperson. "It appears the motive was robbery -- he (Miller) needed money."

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It comes, of course, as no surprise to us that this story has not been covered at all by the national media. And why hasn't the murder of a homosexual man not even been mentioned by the national media? Fires, bus accidents with no fatalities, dam breaks, rivers overflowing their banks - all of these stories are covered by the national media. But the murder of a highly-respected, Warner-Brothers'-Records executive, in the country's music capital, Nashville, Tennessee, is just ignored. How can this be explained?


The reason is most probably because, although no one knew for sure that the perpetrators were Black males, since they were not apprehended until about four weeks after the crime, it was almost a sure bet that they were. Why?  Quite simply, because the neighborhood where the killing took place is mostly Black. And, a few minutes after Eric Mansfield's murder, a few blocks away, a carjacking took place at gunpoint, and the perpetrators were two Black males. That these crimes were connected was presumed by the police. So, in light of the fact that the killers were more than likely Blacks, the politically-correct national media, which is committed to playing down the extent of Black crime, totally suppressed the story. One might say that the decision makers of the national media played the odds and won; if the killers eventually had proven to be White, then, they could still have published the story.


The murder was, of course, covered by the local, mainstream media in the Nashville, Tennessee, area. And, because the victim was a homosexual, and White, two alternative national organizations covered the story - the first is a homosexual publication called "Out in America Newspaper," (outinamerica.com) and the second is a White rights' organization called "newnation.org." We discovered the story on newnation.org. This is another example of a story that we would not have found out about, were it not for someone in the Nashville, Tennessee, area, informing the staff at the White rights' organization, newnation.org about this murder.


It is of interest to note how the local media and the homosexual newspaper reported this story. Directly after the murder, and up until the time the first suspect was apprehended, the local media ran only a few articles attesting to the facts of the situation, i.e., man murdered, found in car, place of employment, found by roommate, reward, etc. They did not, however, identify the victim as a gay or a homosexual. The reader had to infer this from the use of the words "partner" and "roommate." David Miller (no relation to Deonvelt Miller), Eric Mansfield's homosexual partner, was referred to as Eric Mansfield's "partner" or his "roommate." The homosexual newspaper, on the other hand, featured the fact that the victim was a homosexual; he was referred to as a "gay."


After the first perpetrator was arrested, the Nashville police department published a story on their website about the arrest and, although they didn't mention the fact that the perpetrator was a Black male, they published the police mug shot. It should be noted here that the police website is another example of an alternative media source. This is something new; before the advent of the Internet and police websites, the public had to depend on the mainstream media for information about the race of the perpetrator, and, needless to say, the mainstream media was not too dependable, in this regard. Whereas the establishment media, whether local or national, are now forced to follow PC guidelines, which often means no photos and no disclosure of the suspect's race, the police, although I am certain that they also have some restrictions, are still allowed to at least publish the mug shot of the individual arrested. This mug shot was then used by the local media, and newnation.org, but not by the homosexual publication.


Readers judge articles both by what they say, and by what they don't say. The homosexual publication described the first-arrested perpetrator, Deonvelt Miller, merely as a "teenager;" but they didn't mention the fact that he is Black and, as stated, they did not publish a photograph, although the police mug shot was available. Nor did they mention the fact that Deonvelt Miller had an accomplice, and that the accomplice was still at large. Additionally, the homosexual publication wrote the following: "Metro Police have said that the motive in the murder was robbery and that Mansfield was a random victim." After the first suspect was arrested and confessed to the killing, it was quite clear that the motive was robbery and that it was a random killing. The point to be made here is that the homosexual newspaper very cautiously does not go beyond the stating of obvious facts. They dare not elaborate lest they breach the bounds of political correctness.


The "Out in America Newspaper," as a homosexual publication, is an advocacy publication, and it reflects the biases of the homosexual community. But, other than promoting their own homosexual agenda, the homosexual editorial staff is forced to be mindful of the dictates of political correctness, since homosexuals (just like Blacks, Hispanics, lesbians, Arabs, Jews, Asians, etc.) are also protected by the political correctness guidelines. This means that, in this case, in which a homosexual was killed by two Black males, the homosexuals cannot be properly critical of the Black males, and they cannot expand their criticism of them onto the Black community. In other words their hands are tied; they cannot be objective in their reporting of this case, because they have to mind their place as a member of the larger group of "protected minorities and protected lifestyles."


By mentioning that "robbery" was the motive of this attempted carjacking and killing, since Deonvelt Miller stated that he needed money, the reader's attention is diverted from the murdered victim to the underprivileged African American youth, who, after all, needed money. And, when the reporter mentions that the police said that Eric Mansfield was a "random" victim, he (the reporter) is attempting to lessen the severity of this type of murder, since the word "random" connotes a sense of chance or absence of planning, which can be construed to mean that they were really not specifically targeting Eric Mansfield and they really didn't have anything against him. This choosiness of words is all part and parcel of the subterfuge being employed by the advocates of political correctness as they attempt to manipulate our perspective of reality.


Having said that, how would we, the management of this website - White males, who admittedly have our own perspective - report this crime? As the reader knows, we are very concerned about the extent of Black and other non-White crime committed against Whites. The fact that Eric Mansfield was a homosexual has no bearing on our views concerning the random murder of White people or, for that matter, the people of other races. The killers did not know that Eric Mansfield was a homosexual; they did not kill him because he was a homosexual; they killed him because they thought that he had money. They could have killed any one of thousands of people who live or work in east Nashville, many of whom are White. The police reported this crime as a random killing. But was the killing completely random? Just why did they choose Eric Mansfield?


During his interrogation with Detective William Stewart, the killer stated that the driver of a Volkswagen Jetta approached with a nice, clean car, looking like somebody who might have some money. What the killer didn't tell detective Stewart, or, if he did, what detective Stewart didn't tell us, is that the killers could not only plainly see that Eric Mansfield was well-dressed, that he was driving a late-model, clean car, but that they could also plainly see that Eric Mansfield was White. They admittedly selected this White man, because he looked like he had money.  So, was this a completely random killing? We don't think so.


We think that he was selected because he was White? And for that reason this killing qualifies as a "hate crime." But the words "hate crime" were never uttered by the local media or the homosexual newspaper, and it is most likely that this website alone correctly sees this crime as a "hate crime" by Black males against a White man. And, because this crime clearly falls into the category of hate crimes, this is likely another reason why the national media ignored this story - they did not want to publicize a killing in which two Black Males killed a White man, because he was White and likely had money. The establishment media did not want to take the chance of having to discuss the possibility that this crime was a "hate crime."


But, setting aside the discussion as to whether or not this was a random killing of a White, or a general random killing, just what is a random killing? This question has never been addressed? The words "random victim," as used so often by the media, ring somewhat hollow. The media and public officials, both of whom are fully indoctrinated concerning the dictates of "political correctness," use terminology that is designed to placate the general public - such terms as "isolated incident" and "random victim".


Such terms are intended to render harmless the horrible crime that has occurred; they want us to feel as though we have nothing more to worry about, since the incident was just "isolated" or "random." Although it is a tragedy (they will tell us), that someone was killed, we'll see to it that they get a proper burial, and then we can all have closure and get on with our lives. The "PC powers that be" want to placate us and have us forget, as soon as possible, the horrible murder that has been committed.


Terms such as "isolated incident" and "random victim" have been used so many times by the media that they have almost lost their meaning. And, it's not only that these words have lost their meaning, the general public has lost its capacity for realistic perception, that is to say:  people are no longer capable of thinking straight, and, they have also lost their capacity to react. One might well say that the White population has become numb or paralyzed. We are not only being terrorized by the criminals - we are also being indoctrinated, controlled, manipulated, and deceived by the media.


At this point, allow me to give you our understanding of what a random killing actually is: A random killing is an act of terror - the members of the Irish Republican Army (IRA), The Basque separatist group in Spain (ETA), and the Palestinian Hamas organization, who kill people, either as suicide bombers or bomb planters, are random killers - they are terrorists. The suicide bombers in Iraq are random killers, and they are also classified as terrorists. Let us not delude ourselves and let us not allow the manipulative news media to mislead us.


We must recognize random killings for what they are - they are cold-blooded acts of terrorism. A carjacking is an act of random terror that often involves murder. Although it goes without saying, that all murders are serious crimes, random, terrorist killings are actually the most serious, because they affect more people than a murder in which the killer and the victim know each other. When random, terrorist killers are on the loose, whole neighborhoods and cities live in fear and terror, because they don't know who could be next.


And the terror does not subside when the perpetrators of a single act of random terror, such as the Wichita massacre or this one, are apprehended. Because the terror that we are being subjected to is not being exercised by just one person or a handful of people; there isn't just one potential terrorist killer, there is a whole element of society that is capable of random killing. And many people are coming to realize that this element is made up to a great extent of Black males. And it is not just conservative White people, who have come to this realization. African Americans also suffer greatly from the acts of Black random terrorists in their own neighborhoods. Many White liberals also fall victim to Black random terrorists. Homosexuals are known to be quite liberal, and here we have a case of a homosexual, Eric Mansfield, who was randomly killed by Black male terrorists. So, no one is safe.


Meanwhile, the establishment campaign to explain away the random terrorist killing of Eric Mansfield, and the subsequent carjacking of Cesar Nevarro's car at gunpoint, has already begun. Deonvelt Miller has stated to police that he did not plan to shoot Eric Mansfield. He told them that when he pointed the gun at him, Mr. Mansfield looked shocked and surprised. How, in God's name, is he supposed to look?!


Deonvelt Miller told the police that Mr. Mansfield accelerated in an attempt to get away, and in so doing he "clipped his leg" when he drove by, and it was, purportedly, this aggressive act on the part of Mr. Mansfield that caused Deonvelt's gun to somehow go off, which resulted in Mr. Mansfield being shot. The White population of this country has been very patient, and, we think, also somewhat naive, when it comes to the African American situation, but I cannot imagine that any jury would fall for such a ridiculous story.


And then there are the three former basketball coaches who spoke outside the Juvenile Justice Center, after Deonvelt Miller's preliminary hearing, about the teen's "rising athletic star" and how he had shown no signs of problems while traveling and playing. "We've supported Deonvelt Miller since he was a young child," said Ed Wisdom, one of the coaches, and "We're here again to support him. Certainly we don't want to ignore the tragic incident of Eric Mansfield losing his life. We sympathize with his family and his friends."


Talk about deceitful word usage - this one is outrageous: "Certainly we don't want to ignore the tragic incident of Eric Mansfield losing his life." Mr. Wisdom says this as though Deonvelt Miller wasn't even there when Eric Mansfield was killed, and as though Eric Mansfield wasn't killed by a terrorist act, but somehow mysteriously "lost his life" - maybe as the result of a heart attack. Such utterances are an insult to White society, which is still the prevailing culture in America, and to the code of criminal law that White society has lived by for thousands of years. No court of law will listen to such balderdash.


The homosexual community will likely continue to mind its place as a protected minority and will therefore probably not demand justice. One possible response by the homosexual community will be to declare that we, as a country, have simply not done enough to improve the conditions of deprived Black youth. Deonvelt Miller told the police that he committed these crimes because he needed money.


I'm sure that the liberals will be able to come up with some creative ideas as to how the government can provide money for underprivileged Black youth who are financially challenged. After all, wouldn't this be cheaper for us in the long run. Either we provide them with as much money as they need, or they will rob us and kill us. This, of course, would be not unlike what Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton have been doing for years - it's referred to as the "Black shakedown."


Incidentally, the police were only able to make an arrest after information was provided to them by the CrimeStoppers Tip Line. A reward of $27,000 was paid out to the provider of that information - $25k from Warner Brothers, $1k from CrimeStoppers, and $1k from the homosexual newspaper "Out and About." Perhaps one day, White organizations will be able to offer rewards for the arrest and conviction of criminals.


To sum up: a White man was randomly killed by Black male terrorists. This story has been and will, most likely, continue to be completely blacked-out by the national news media. The police website reported the details of the arrest with a photo of the killer. A White rights' organization is the only one to report the incident nationally with photos. A national homosexual online newspaper is the only other medium to report on this story outside of Tennessee. Again, the lesson to be learned from this incident is that one has to be constantly vigilant when Black males are around. If you think that you might come under attack, take strong and decisive evasive action.


The entire population of this country is living under conditions of terror right here on our own streets and in our own neighborhoods - and the would-be terrorists are fellow citizens of America. And worse yet, our own government is condoning the withholding of information about this terrorism from its citizens by the news media. I am not overstating the case. The situation is very serious and continually getting worse. It is for this reason that we ask you to please let us know when a serious crime has been committed against a White person in your area. Send us an email at this address: wichita_massacre@yahoo.com  The key to survival is to stay informed. If we work together, we will survive.


Yours Faithfully, Liberty

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