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Update 1 - January 7, 2006



The Article which quoted the Victim's Mother as saying that her Son "Just had a Transfer" is Removed from the Salt Lake Tribune's Website !!

Something somewhat unusual has taken place. The article from the Salt Lake Tribune that I have posted above, headlined <Update: Slain missionary "just had a transfer," mother says.>, has been removed from the newspaper's website - and I can understand why. I don't think that the ideas held by the slain victim's mother are part of Mormon Church doctrine. I refer to her statement that her son "just had a transfer." In other words, there is nothing to worry about, Morgan Young was just transferred by God from Chesapeake, Virginia, to heaven, and he will continue his missionary work up there. Dollars to donuts, the Mormon Church leadership got in touch with the owners of the Salt Lake Tribune and asked them to remove this article from their website. Such publicity is not good for the Mormon Church. This article was posted for less than 24 hours before it was removed, which is quite unusual. Here is the link to the article that was removed http://www.sltrib.com/utah/ci_3378188 and here is the message that you'll get: "The content item you have requested is no longer available." (Photo above: Mark & Kathy Young at a press conference on their front lawn.)

The Race of the Killer Was Not Mentioned in Articles in Several States !!

Something else has taken place, which is more usual: This case has generated some national, news-media coverage, evidently because of the Mormon Church connection, but the race of the killer was not mentioned in any of the publications. James Rickey Boughton, Jr. was referred to simply as a "man" or as a "young man." The story was reported in Arizona, Colorado, Wyoming, Utah, and Washington. Just for the record, the young man, James Rickey Boughton, Jr., is pictured in the photo to the left, which appeared in the Virginia Pilot Newspaper.



Mormon Elder, M. Russell Ballard, refers obliquely to the murder of Morgan Young as an Accident !!

The murder of Morgan Young in Virginia coincided with the deaths of two other young missionaries in New Zealand, who died in a traffic accident. One of the leaders of the Mormon Church M. Russell Ballard (photo left), made the following statement:

<When accidents happen, there often is no explanation. "An accident is an accident, and we have to accept it for that," said Elder M. Russell Ballard, a member of the Quorum of the Twelve of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The slaying of Elder Morgan W. Young on Monday in Chesapeake, Va., and the deaths of two LDS (Latter Day Saints) missionaries in New Zealand Friday prompted Elder Ballard to discuss missionary safety with members of the news media Friday afternoon. Elders Bradley J. Isle, 20, of Las Vegas and Jonathan R. Talmadge, 21, of Willamina, Ore., were killed Friday in a head-on automobile collision near Temuka, New Zealand.>

In an obvious act of subterfuge, Elder Ballard lumps the two completely unrelated incidents together as accidents. The automobile wreck in New Zealand was clearly an accident, but the killing of Morgan Young in Virginia was certainly no accident and Elder Ballard should beg for forgiveness for being so deceitful.


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