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- New Indictment for Darryl Littlejohn -

- The Murder Victim -

- Imette St. Guillen - Age 24 -

- 1981 - 2006 -


- New Rape Attempt -

- Darryl Littlejohn - Age 41 -

- Faces Life in Prison Without Parole -


- DNA ties Littlejohn to Abduction in October, 2005! -


- Victim managed to escape from his van and flee - still handcuffed ! -

New York Post

April 27, 2006 -- The bouncer charged with the savage slaying of criminal-justice student Imette St. Guillen has been indicted in a second attack - after his DNA showed up on handcuffs he allegedly used to abduct another coed, sources said.
Ex-con Darryl Littlejohn will be named in the indictment expected to be unsealed today in Queens.

The victim in that case, a 19-year-old York College student, was seized on a Queens street Oct. 19, handcuffed by a man wearing law-enforcement clothing and forced by him into a blue van.

She managed to fight him off and flee the van - still handcuffed.

Sources said the evidence against Littlejohn includes:

* His DNA found on the handcuffs;

* The victim's identification of Littlejohn's van as the one used in the attack;

* Statements from Littlejohn's neighbors that he was always wearing different types of law-enforcement clothing, like caps with police insignia, or camouflage.

Littlejohn, who worked in a SoHo bar, had previously taken courses to become a bounty hunter and was given access to law-enforcement gear such as handcuffs.

At the bar, he often wore camouflage and talked about his escapades - indicating he was working in law enforcement in some way.

Queens District Attorney Richard Brown's office confirmed that he would announce the filing of an indictment today in the college student's attack but did not identify the suspect or give other details.

Littlejohn became a prime suspect in the Queens attack shortly after the torture-slaying of St. Guillen, 24, a Boston native whose body was found in a desolate section of Brooklyn 17 hours after she left the SoHo bar.

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As was to be expected, Imette St. Guillen was not Darryl Littlejohn's first victim. The woman he abducted and handcuffed on October 19, 2005 managed to escape from his van, still handcuffed. How many others did Littlejohn succeed in raping? The police are now looking into other possibilities.


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