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Rosenbaum's Killers Apprehended !

One of two Suspects

Michael Hamlin - Age 23


New York Times Journalist Killers Apprehended !

The Victim

David Rosenbaum - Age 63



Suspected Killers of New York Times Journalist tried to use His Credit Cards and are Caught on Video !

On Thursday, January 12, 2006, police arrested Michael Hamlin for the murder of New York Times journalist David Rosenbaum. Hamlin tried to use Rosenbaum's credit card at some stores in southeast Washington, DC shortly after the mugging. Hamlin has been charged with felony murder.

A second suspect, Percy Jordan Jr., a cousin of Michael Hamlin, was also arrested on Thursday and was also charged with felony murder in Rosenbaum's death. Metropolitan Police Department Sgt. John Johnson would not comment on whether Hamlin gave his cousin's name to police or whether Jordan had confessed.

Jordan will be arraigned Saturday, Johnson said.

The following report has been excerpted from the Washington Post:

A 23-year-old maintenance man from Southeast Washington was arrested last night and charged in the robbery and slaying of New York Times journalist David E. Rosenbaum, police said. They also were seeking one other person.

Michael C. Hamlin was arrested shortly after 6 p.m. when he walked into the 7th District police station in the 2400 block of Alabama Avenue SE, which is in the block where he lives, and asked why "my face is on TV," police said.

Only an hour earlier, police had released to the media images from surveillance videotapes taken at a CVS store in Southeast Washington and an auto parts business in Prince George's County. Police said the tapes showed Hamlin using or attempting to use Rosenbaum's credit cards shortly after Rosenbaum was robbed near his home in Northwest Washington on Jan. 6.

Hamlin walked into the police station last night wearing the same dark jacket, with his first name sewed onto a chest patch, that he had been wearing in a surveillance tape, police said.

Police drove Hamlin to the department's violent crimes branch, where he provided detectives with a statement on the slaying, police said. He was charged with felony murder.

"It did wrap up rather quickly," Detective Anthony Paci said during a news conference last night outside the violent crimes branch.

After talking with Hamlin, police declined to discuss a motive for the attack other than robbery, and they declined to say why the mugging turned violent. But they did say that the attack appeared to be random and that Rosenbaum had not been targeted.

Police also declined to say whether Hamlin provided them with any information on the second person involved in the attack.



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A Google News Search (david rosenbaum journalist robbery) turned up 154 articles. This case is getting much more publicity than most, because of the celebrity status of David Rosenbaum, who was a prominent, Jewish, New York Times Journalist. A memorial service was held on Capitol Hill which was attended by fellow journalists and prominent congressmen. Among them was Senator Patrick Leahy of Vermont.


The only way that Black-on-White murder cases get the coverage that they deserve is if the victim is a celebrity, if the victim is from the upper-class, or if a massacre takes place. David Rosenbaum was a celebrity, Jennifer Ross came from the upper-class, and, in the Richmond Massacre, Ray Dandridge and Ricky Gray killed at least eight people. In other murders, in which Black males killed White people, such as Robert Osborn, Eric Mansfield, Damon Womble, Betty Sweet, Stephen Holmes, Tonya Smith, Ryon Smith, Morgan Young, Samantha Zenszer, and Nigel Marcotte, to name just a few, the national media totally ignored the killing. One can only hope that the outrage displayed after the murder of celebrities, socialites, and after massacres, will motivate law-enforcement authorities and lawmakers to do something about Black-on-White murder and violence.


So far, the only citizens' committee that has formed is in Savannah, Georgia, in the aftermath of the Jennifer Ross murder. We would like to encourage the people of Washington, D.C. and Richmond, VA, to follow the lead of the White community in Savannah. The only way that lawmakers and authorities are going to undertake measures to clamp down on Black crime is if the White citizens insist on it. The Black community is generally ineffective in controlling crime in their communities, and in raising and educating their sons to be law-abiding citizens.


The primary reason why the White community has not undertaken more in the effort to fight Black crime is because the White community has let itself be intimidated by Blacks and radical liberals, who scream foul more often than not when Black criminals are arrested. White people have moved away from the Blacks in an effort to be free from Black crime, but the Blacks have responded to this White flight by going after the Whites where they live and where they socialize. Now that things have reached such a critical point, the Whites can run no more.


This means that the White People of America will have to take a stand against Black crime and not allow themselves to be intimidated by cries of racism, racial profiling, discrimination, etc. All of these claims have no basis. Black males are quite clearly more aggressive and violence-prone than the males of other races and this is a fact that is unquestionably backed up by statistics on crime. It is time that all of the people of America took a stand against Black crime. We cannot allow a situation to exist in which we are living in fear and terror of being the victims of Black crime. It is time to take a stand and speak out. If we don't, the situation will only get worse.


Yours Faithfully, Liberty



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